1. JensM

    Animals Otter!

    Somewhat maxed out on luck on the recent vacation up north in Norway. Saw an Otter one day, and the fellow came back for a photo opportunity the next day: Photos are quite heavily cropped and then had a run through Topaz Gigapixel.
  2. WhidbeyLVR

    Animals Show Marine Mammals (Whales, Seals, Otters)

    Please share your images of marine mammals, including: whales, dolphins, etc. (cetaceans) seals, sea lions, walrus, etc. (pinnipeds) manatees, sea cows (sirenians) otters polar bears Images from zoos, aquariums,and other captive situations are welcome, but please identify them as such...
  3. feeding time

    feeding time

    Asian Short Clawed Otter
  4. posing on rock

    posing on rock

    Asian Short Clawed Otter
  5. dried off

    dried off

    North American River Otter
  6. underwater motion

    underwater motion

    European Otter
  7. ever curious

    ever curious

    North American River Otter
  8. waiting for feeding time

    waiting for feeding time

    North American River Otter
  9. classic swimming Otter

    classic swimming Otter