1. Covey22

    Fuji Acros+G Outtakes

    Some outtakes from a Nativity Play using Acros+G with some custom settings. I really like the look, and set aside two C-slots for Acros and Acros+G for grab shots.
  2. MoonMind

    SiJY 2019 Outtakes

    I'll mostly post images I actually considered using as daily picks. Day 1: Day 2: M.
  3. MoonMind

    SiO 2018 - Outtakes/Behind the Scenes

    In order not to post too much commentary in the image threads, I'll start this thread to add some outtakes and thoughts; I invite everyone to do the same - it's at least as interesting to see what didn't make the cut and why ... Here's my outtake for day 2 - the bottomline: It's not enough to...
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