1. agentlossing

    I Have Realized I Have Feelings On OVF vs EVF

    I've used a lot of LCD screens and viewfinders of various kinds over the years. In fact you could say that the only thing my choices in cameras owned proves on this point is that I haven't made up my mind at all. However, I realized the other day that I can sort of put my feelings into words...
  2. Dave Jenkins

    Fuji Cannot Activate OVF on X-Pro 1?

    For some reason the lever on the front of my X-Pro 1 will no longer bring up the OVF. Have I done something wrong in the settings, or is this something that will require sending the camera for repair?
  3. mike3996

    Leica M and Df and OVF and good coffee and 42.5

    I've been meaning to ask you @Matero about what's your conclusion or experience so far with M8 vs Df! :) I might gather that you prefer to shoot your Df a great deal, and you don't report having a huge $$$$ collection of M lenses in your stable so I assume it's not such a big lovefest between...
  4. Phoenix

    Fuji A totally unnecessary rambling about the 16mm 1.4, the OVF, and framelines.

    This is not a review of the 16mm 1.4, there are already heaps of reviews of this lens all over the net. This is just my personal rambling regarding the 16mm framelines in the OVF. Finally bit the bullet and got the 16mm 1.4 today (which pretty much means I'll be living off 2 minute noodles for...