1. Taneli

    Kayak trip Bohuslän - Summer 2023

    So it was finally time for the annual kayak trip with my colleagues. We use to do a trip every year, just before vacation. This time it was once again in Bohuslän, in the sea outside Gothenburg. Three days, friday afternoon to sunday lunchtime. Two overnights in tent and food on gas stoves...
  2. Taneli

    Kayak Trip Bohuslän - Summer 2022

    Every year my job arranges a kayak trip in the sea, and camping two nights, friday evening to sunday. Open for all, but the space is limited to 10 people, there use to be like 6-8 people that does it. Usually located at the west coast in Sweden, Bohuslän or Gothenburg archipelago. Most of the...