1. dougpayne

    Panasonic G9 for $847

    If you have an account at B&H Photo and show enough interest in the G9, they might email you a coupon for $150 off the $997 sale price. They sent me one today. The coupon was unique to my account. Anyone else get one?
  2. kyteflyer

    Panasonic TZ Picture Thread

    As it says. I bet there are others of you who have, or have had a Panny TZ, and would have some shots to show here.
  3. Amin Sabet

    Panasonic LX3 Lens Distortion

    Here's what Panasonic has to say about the LX3 lens: Here's an uncropped, resized in-camera JPEG at 24mm equivalent, 16:9 aspect ratio with my D-LUX 4 (same lens as LX3): Here's the same photo processed from RAW without correction of distortion: It takes about a +15 distortion adjustment...
  4. gryphon1911

    Discuss - For Hybrid Stills/Video - Nikon Z6 or Panasonic GH5s?

    So, as most of you know, doing a good job and being successful leads to more work! :) Backstory: I was until recently the Production Leader for my church. That team is tasked with lighting, multimedia, live streaming and sound engineering for our weekly services and special events. I've...
  5. Kevin

    Micro 4/3 "Sharp agrees to the Micro Four Thirds system standard" Courtesy of Google Translate... April 3, 2019 Olympus Corporation and Panasonic Corporation jointly announced the Micro Four Thirds System Standard in 2008 and have made efforts to disseminate this standard, but Sharp Corporation agrees with...
  6. P

    Surfing Video - Panasonic FZ2000 (Stills and Slo-Mo)

    Back in the UK after 6 weeks in NZ & Australia. Took a Panny FZ2000 with me for general shooting and video. I used it more than the Ricoh GR and Sony A72 in the end. The video was created in Adobe Premier. Music (Fire Starter) from Prodigy; such a shame that front man Keith Flint died last...
  7. Antonio Correia

    Micro 4/3 Olympus 5 Mk II + Nocticron 42.5mm

    Natural light. Oly 5 Mk II + Nocticron 42.5mm @ 42,5mm 1/100 f/1.6 ISO 200
  8. J

    Micro 4/3 Image Playback is not possible on the LCD, while using EVF w/o eye sensor

    Hello everyone, Just purchased an LX100 2 weeks ago and it's getting frustrating that I cant find any option in the camera, on which I can use the EVF without the eye sensor and review photos on the LCD. Any other camera has this, and its kind of sad that the LX100 doesen't. The workaround for...
  9. cacau

    Micro 4/3 One of my first shots with Panasonic TZ100

    Last week I received my new TZ/SZ100, and is under severe scrutiny. IQ seems on par with the best of it's class - actually corners are a little bit less clear than those of my RX100mkIII at 24/25-28mm eq. I've seen some reviews telling that the lens is somewhat soft at 50mm, but for me IQ is...
  10. D

    Video review of Panasonic ZS-100

    I don't know whether the other reviews touch on similar points, but I shake this one down pretty well. To me, this is the most photographic power ever in a package this small.
  11. L

    Portraits are perhaps not my strong suit...

    A friend of mine needed some publicity shots for her new book, so I grabbed the GX7 and the Oly 25/45/75 lenses and headed into downtown Seattle on what could easily be described as the crappiest day of weather I've seen in years. Cold, rainy, windy. Ugh. Anyway, we shot a bit in the massive...
  12. In mid stream

    In mid stream

  13. Departing


  14. Wake


  15. Stokehold


  16. Greenway Quay

    Greenway Quay

  17. Approaching Dittisham

    Approaching Dittisham

  18. Greenway House

    Greenway House

  19. Noss Yard

    Noss Yard

  20. Britannia Royal Naval College

    Britannia Royal Naval College

  21. Upstream from the mouth of the River Dart

    Upstream from the mouth of the River Dart

  22. Kingswear Castle

    Kingswear Castle

  23. Dartmouth Castle and St Petrocks Church

    Dartmouth Castle and St Petrocks Church

  24. 1080269


  25. 1080265


  26. 1080264


  27. 1080261


  28. 1080260


  29. 1080251


  30. Duty finished, L92 goes off to the shed

    Duty finished, L92 goes off to the shed

  31. L92 arrives at Buckfastleigh

    L92 arrives at Buckfastleigh

  32. L92 at Staverton

    L92 at Staverton

  33. Clearing shower at sunset

    Clearing shower at sunset

  34. Wreck of the Iverna

    Wreck of the Iverna

  35. lichen on a stick

    lichen on a stick

  36. Ornate farm gate and post

    Ornate farm gate and post

  37. Deep in the woods

    Deep in the woods

  38. Disused sluice gate

    Disused sluice gate

  39. Haytor quarry cliff face

    Haytor quarry cliff face

  40. Haytor quarry with winch

    Haytor quarry with winch

  41. Scots pines at Haytor, Dartmoor

    Scots pines at Haytor, Dartmoor

  42. The sun sinks below the wide horizon

    The sun sinks below the wide horizon

  43. Towering upwards

    Towering upwards

  44. A convention of Land Rovers (mine included)

    A convention of Land Rovers (mine included)

  45. Some close up detail

    Some close up detail

  46. The wreck under the trees

    The wreck under the trees

  47. The complete wreck

    The complete wreck

  48. The skeletal remains

    The skeletal remains

  49. Iverna lies under the trees

    Iverna lies under the trees

  50. Laying new moorings

    Laying new moorings

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