1. SiJ 2015 - Day 27

    SiJ 2015 - Day 27

    This is a 4 shot vertical pano in IR. Red and blue channels swapped in PS and then further developed in Silver Efex. The PP has introduced some posterisation in the sky. The other thing of note is the shot was taken into the sun and a lot of foliage was in shadow. The foliage is less white...
  2. SiJ 2015 - Day 26

    SiJ 2015 - Day 26

    Very hot (40C) here today so took a late afternoon trip to the park. This is a 6 shot pano in IR and converted in PS and further developed in SEP2.
  3. SiJ 2015 - Day 25

    SiJ 2015 - Day 25

    Having to rely on a safety pano taken earlier. This is my home on the right.
  4. SiJ 2015 - Day 24

    SiJ 2015 - Day 24

    A three shot pano of my (untidy) desk. Taken in IR and channel swapped in PS. Also adjusted exposures to match as flash was used. Stitched in Autopano Pro and final tweaks in LR using grad filters to better blend exposure. All wood surfaces are Jarrah which is a deep red/burgundy.
  5. SiJ 2015 - Day 9

    SiJ 2015 - Day 9

    Panorama stitched from 9 portrait shots in Autopano Pro. Usual conversion from IR in Photoshop.
  6. SIJ10 - Sweep pano revisited

    SIJ10 - Sweep pano revisited

    Tried the motion pano (as Fuji calls it) on landscape material and the stitching went much better - the wires and rooftops all seem smooth and continuous. This is a 180 degree pano of our street.