1. H

    Should I suck it up a pay for Lightroom Creative Cloud?

    I've been using stand alone classic LR 6 on a very old macbook air for quite some time. Using older cameras that were supported in the older LR6, I've managed to get by even though its a little slow rendering 1:1 full size previews. Space was limited on the older macbook air, so I'd often have...
  2. kyteflyer

    Why we should pay for Flickr.

    Interesting analysis of the Flickr situation. It wasnt a no-brainer for me, I dont have many photos on flickr, and with the exchange rate being so crap, the $44 fee turned into $68 AU. But, I did it, because I got a fit of the guilts after reading the article referenced below. Not sure if I...
  3. Pay