1. agentlossing

    Pentax Ricoh/Pentax User Survey Found this over at DPReview (and PentaxForums). It's a very good survey as these things go, with nitty-gritty questions about what cameras you like to use and how/what you like to shoot. We know Ricoh and Pentax listen to their users quite well for a modern camera...
  2. gryphon1911

    Pentax Pentax MX-1 First Impression

    This was ordered from Japan and was originally estimated to be delivered on 1/2/2024. It arrived yesterday 12/29! Kudos to DHL for the early delivery. First Impression: This is solid and feels premium. The brass plates are awesome. The rubber grip is very nice as well. The me is are...
  3. G

    Pentax New KF

    Here is one of my first images taken with my new Pentax KF...
  4. agentlossing

    Pentax Pentax KF Price Reduction The KF, which debuted at a rather steep price for an entry-level DSLR, has a permanent $150 price reduction. $699 is a very fair price for a camera with up-to-date processor and some of the nice features...
  5. drd1135

    Toyota Commercial features a Pentax Spotmatic

  6. theoldsmithy

    Classifieds For Sale: Pentax SMC DA 21mm Limited Lens | Location: UK | Ships: World

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price GBP 155 Item Pentax SMC DA 21mm Limited Lens My Location UK Picture File(s) attached Description I bought this lens a couple of weeks ago as part of an experimental move back into the Pentax ecosystem. Sadly I found that it's not for me, so this is available...
  7. MountainMan79

    Classifieds For Sale: Pentax K200D with 18-55ii and 50-200 Lenses | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price Varies Item Pentax K200D with 18-55ii and 50-200 Lenses My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description Up for grabs before posting to eBay. Excellent condition K200D, with beautiful 10mp CCD sensor. Fully operational, and works great with rechargeable...
  8. DM Larson

    Pentax Pentax Limited-Edition Pentaprism

    I got a surprise package this week from Ricoh. I hadn't ordered anything and was afraid that they'd shipped something to me that should have gone to a different costumer, but no, it was a thank you gift from them for buying a K3 iii. I'm not quite sure what to do with it other than keep it...
  9. theoldsmithy

    Pentax Thinking about Pentax again...

    I am seriously considering trading in my M43 gear (not that I have a huge amount these days) and getting back into Pentax. I always loved the colours and the handling of the cameras, and there are some serious bargains to be had now. A K5 for £150 for example, and many lenses at or below £100...
  10. phigmov

    Pentax Peta Pixel review of the 'new' Pentax FA 50mm f1.4

    I've got the old/original FA 50mm f1.4 and really like the results out of it. Interesting to see Pentax reboot the lens with the same look/feel/size... (wonder if this has anything to do with the rumoured film camera or if they just want to milk some older designs? maybe they stumbled across...
  11. gryphon1911

    Pentax a $35 experiment - Pentax-F 70-210mm f/4-5.6 - first few shots

    I'm still in the experimentation phase as I just got this lens in the mail 2 days ago. plan on doing a full review of it eventually and posting on my site. Some snaps to test initial function. Right off the bat, I will say that it appears to need a bit more aggressive post processing in the...
  12. gryphon1911

    Pentax Talk me out of trading up to a Pentax KP

    Was reading through this thread: Pentax - Pentax KP And it got me thinking - as a side system I like Pentax as a DSLR. A little more so than the Nikon DSLRs in a relatively similar category. I was looking around and I can trade/sell my K-5 and K-3 for a KP. Seems like it would be a good...
  13. agentlossing

    Pentax Iron Goat Trail, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

    Another of the seemingly never-ending settings of natural beauty in the state of Washington, we tackled this roughly 6-mile trail a couple of days ago. I brought the K-1 II with not the 31mm Limited, but the humble Pentax-F 35-70mm f3.5-4.5. And it once again proved that while it's not the...
  14. William Lewis

    Pentax If I got a K-5

    What lenses should I look at first? The classic 18-55 kit lens is silly cheap if I don't get one with the body. I expect it's neither great nor hideous. I tend towards the classic normal "nifty 50" FOV on most systems. This would be a 16mp APS-C so 35 ~ 40 mm? There is the question of the...
  15. gryphon1911

    Pentax Help a new K-3 owner out - Lenses

    Found one of these used at the local store. It was this or the OG K-5 or a K30. Came with the grip. For now, I picked up a usesd 18-135 DA WR lens for it just for testing purposes. There were nota lot of options in K mount AF lenses today. Which brings me to the subject I alluded to in the...
  16. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Pentax My love letter to my first love, Pentax K200D

    It has been 14 years since I "met" my first ever real camera. Prior I was using an (ancient by today's standards and it can't even be called that anymore) smartphone, the Sony Ericsson P990i ... and within months I have learned that I love making images, I was starting to "see" images everywhere...
  17. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Pentax SMC Pentax-M 50mm f 2

    I am starting to quite like this little lens: Decently sharp little lens. I do like the colours, quite vibrant but not oversaturated. Using a close-up filter makes the magnification more workable and the centre sharpness is still good. At anything less than wide open the aperture...
  18. Iron

    Pentax Continuous AF After K-3 III v2.0 Firmware Update!

    Just sharing this initial test by Kobie M-C after the K-3 III firmware update to v2.0. Just when I thought that the PLM focusing was already up there, this firmware version can just be another one of those milestones for those who shoot AF-C. The update covers much better tracking in the Z-axis...
  19. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Pentax Sample Sale Some Pentax cameras which were display models, or samples, for events etc. on sale. Not bad prices! Plus, there's currently a couple of KPs for $899, and a silver K70 for $429. The 20-40mm DA Limited for $399 is a good deal as well.
  20. Iron

    Pentax Pentax Trade Show in Canada | McBain Cameras

    Just sharing this video by PentaxTips. It is a small trade show but the content is more about a summary of some things Pentax-related. They talked about monochrome, some lenses, the KF, the film project, etc.
  21. Gatorguy

    Pentax K3III testing with Sigma 300 2.8 APO DG

    So I bought a Sigma 300 2.8 with the thought that perhaps pairing it with the Sigma 2x TC I had might give me at least a servicable 600 5.6. And yes I know TC's generally degrade image quality more so than cropping would. I am gob-smacked.... This is mounted on the K3III, and using both the...
  22. gordo

    Film Anyone else curious about the Pentax Film Project?

    I'm wondering what they have cooking in that kitchen. And how long it's going to take to finish. :coffee-79:
  23. agentlossing

    Pentax Pentax Finally Updating More FF Lenses... Maybe? Could be interesting to see what comes of these... especially if the "classic" version is true, and, if so, I'm wondering what it could be like? Pentax hasn't...
  24. Leica43

    Pentax Pentax K-3 Monochrome Announcement

    Released today.
  25. agentlossing

    Pentax K-3 III Monochrome Sensor! Looks like it's real, when combined with the things Ricoh has actually said prior to this point. The shot of the JPEG profile options is really interesting, as it's the first peek into what a Ricoh/Pentax...
  26. DM Larson

    Pentax My first and last SLRs

    Back when I was 15 I really wanted to get one of those fancy slr cameras I'd been seeing in commercials and ditch the broken down Argus C3 I'd been using for the last 5 years. I saved all the money I could earn working construction for my dad at much less than minimum wage. After several...
  27. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Pentax My first walk with Pentax Q10 (Queenie)

    I took out my (new to me) used Pentax Q10 with the 5-15mm f 2.8-4.5 and 15-45mm f 2.8 lenses, no goal specifically outside of trying to see what kind of images it can make and the user experience. Little wet duckies, light rain made things a bit more annoying so I stuck with the 15-45mm lens...
  28. JensM

    Pentax The Pentax K-7 experience, so far

    I bought a K-7 kit, with the WR lenses and the large Pentax flash upon its release in 2009. I choose it based on IBIS, weather-sealing and perceived smallness, with a very minor glance towards the Oly E-P1 which a colleague bought, and an ever smaller glance towards the GF1 more or less based...
  29. Iron

    Pentax Heads-up: KP J Limited Wooden Grip Raffle/Giveaway on PF

    Just a heads-up to those sporting the KP, PF will be giving away/raffling a J Limited Wooden Grip soon. We don't have any details on the entry limits yet but it's definitely for their members. Just in case someone is interested. Cheers.
  30. Brownie

    Pentax Pentax K-1000d

    Pentax seems to be embedded firmly in DSLR with no apparent interest in mirrorless. And now they're embarking on a new film venture. Sounds cool. With everything old being new again, isn't it time they continue their march on nostalgia with a K-1000d? Just for fun, imagine a K-1000 with that...
  31. mike3996

    Pentax Pentax K10D or K200D?

    I am currently looking to get another Pentax body next to my KP. I am definitely going to go for a low-budget option this time. Because Pentax CCD cameras are often lauded, I can kill two birds with one stone here and get me a low-budget Pentax with a CCD sensor. In particular I've narrowed it...
  32. William Lewis

    Pentax M42 lenses?

    After getting back my test roll for a Honeywell Pentax H1a with a 55/2 lens I am quite pleased with it. What are some M42 screw mount gems to look for? Id like a wide and portrait length for it.
  33. ektar

    Pentax Bag for K-1ii

    Okay first: Apologies if you've seen this posted...elsewhere...but I'm in search of a bag and am seeking learned suggestions. I should confess that I'm sort of an anti-bag-fetishist, in that I pretty much don't like any of them. I had a lovely Peak Design backpack that I bought extra dividers...
  34. JensM

    Pentax The Pentax K10D experience (so far).

    Having horsed around with the K10D for a few days with the kit zoom 18-55 mkI. These are as far as I know, not regarded as the sharpest tools in the drawers so I have just been mucking about with it. I took delivery of a second hand 50mm FA f:1,4 today. As one do on new lens day, I fired up the...
  35. dionhouston

    Pentax Pentax Macro mode (Pentax-A 70-210mm or Pentax-F 35-70) for negative scanning

    Hi all, I recently purchased a very cheap negative scanner on Amazon, and was pretty disappointed with the results. I found online a description of a process using DSLRs using 3D printed parts -- I'm intrigued by the idea - especially since I have a K-1, and the goal is to digitize film from...
  36. phigmov

    Pentax Astrotracer & Bulb Mode

    With my recently acquired K-3, I'm keen to try the Astrotracer. One thing is a little perplexing - it says to use Bulb mode - I can order a Remote shutter release, but I'm curious to know why it doesn't work in other exposure modes (or maybe it does?) and if you can at least combine it with a...
  37. agentlossing

    Pentax K-1 and K-1 Mark II Images

    I don't think there's a proper image thread for this camera in either of its iterations, so here it is. All of my images on this thread are coming from a place of learning the camera, so don't expect anything particularly good! All except #2 were taken with vintage lenses, thus the optical...
  38. agentlossing

    Pentax Pentax K-1 Series Special Site

    One of the things I like about Ricoh/Pentax is that they create what they call "special sites" for their products, which are quite interesting to read from a development and even philosophical perspective. The GR series has a great special site as well. I happened upon this one for the K-1 and...
  39. mike3996

    Pentax Pentax KP (and the system) from fresh perspective

    The latest toys arrived yesterday. I had to entertain guests so it was until late when I got to my new camera. Some super early impressions that I got handling the camera without a memory card in the dark. The body is as compact as the reviews let you to know, but it's still way more compact...
  40. Herman

    Pentax Q

    Hi, are you aware of any quick start-up manual for the Q?
  41. Coksic

    Pentax Pentax SMC-M 50mm 1.7

    Somehow, I thought, I have already done a review of this lens.. It was a lens that made me a Pentaxian - for life! That would be my ''review''...
  42. agentlossing

    News Ricoh Pentax to "Move Away from Mass Production?"

    Well now, what to make of this? Ricoh CEO announced that the company is "renewing the camera business" by moving away from mass production and distribution to a direct-to-consumer model for Pentax DSLRs and Ricoh GR, along with more of a "workshop-like" manufacture, whatever that means...
  43. Petrochemist

    Pentax Adapting lenses on a Pentax DSLRs

    Despite the good results & prices of Pentax lenses, I've become a big fan of adapting lenses as well. Most of the time this is on one of my mirrorless cameras (Pentax Q, Panasonic MFT & Sony) but there are times when my SLRs work well too :) Here's one of my earliest adapted lenses, used on the...
  44. Herman

    Pentax Q cameras

    What are the differences between the Q7, Q10 and Q-S1?
  45. Herman

    Pentax Pentax Q

    Where can I purchase a Q at an afforadabeleprice? Which (online) outlets do you recommend? Thanks for replies!
  46. Tim Williams

    Pentax Getting started with the K-70

    Just recovering from an allergic reaction to penicillin and getting out and about again. feeling my way around with the K-70. Fog on the water is always nice.
  47. Tim Williams

    Pentax Pentax RAW files

    Which program or programs do you use to download Pentax RAW files. I guess it will be DNG's as PEF's seem to be trouble for most people. I shot 8 or 10 Raw's and none of them loaded.
  48. Tim Williams

    Pentax Thinking about Pentax

    I have been kicking around the idea of picking up another Pentax body and adding a couple lenses just for carry purposes , say 18-70 and ?-200 or 300 . Maybe a mid prime. Pentax is what I learned on in film and I stayed with them for a while , all the way to the K 10D. I picked up some lenses...
  49. kyteflyer

    Pentax Broke out the old gear.

    Doo doo doo lookin’ out my back door :) K200D + Tamron 70-300.
  50. phigmov

    Pentax Best AF Film Pentax?

    Anyone have strong thoughts or opinions on the best AF Film Pentax? I know they are rightly famous for the K1000 & other MF film-bodies, but they seem to have really suffered when Nikon/Canon started to slay in the AF film market-place (ditto Oly who seem to have been destroyed in the AF film...