1. Bozzie

    Cheddar Gorge stream by phone camera

  2. drd1135

    Smart phone sensor tech applied to large sensors

    Interesting article in DPR:
  3. Darmok N Jalad

    News That’s no moon, but your phone might think so anyway.

    Saw this linked from another forum just now. Turns out “computational photography” might just be your smartphone figuring out what is in your scene and then just putting something sharper in its place in your photo. Anyone have the same Samsung phone to test and verify?
  4. gryphon1911

    Smartphone My SnapGrip cell phone accessory review/impressions

    You all get an aadvanced look into what I will be eventually posting on my blog! I didn't post any images I took with the cell phone because the grip does not do anything to enhance the image quality. Background SnapGrip is an accessory for cell phones that allows you to either use the...
  5. JensM

    News Interesting development in Phone Cameras

    For those so inclined: Optical 4-9x zoom with OIS From the ingress: "LG Innotek is ready to put true optical zoom lenses in the next wave of flagship phones The camera component supplier has unveiled a telephoto module with real moving optics to cover a 4-9x range — no digital zoom...
  6. Toddster

    Using phone to upload from SD card to LR - iPhone vs Android

    I have been using an iPhone to upload photos from my camera's SD card to Lightroom CC; the process works perfectly. If I have WiFi I prefer to use my tablet or computer but the iPhone is great for the times when only cellular data is available. I recently tried the same thing with an Android...
  7. tonyturley

    time for a new smart phone

    My lease is about to expire on my Pixel 3A. I'm not going to keep it . . . I don't care much for the thing. It has a mind of its own, often changing settings randomly, like turning on DND, or turning on Airplane Mode, or turning off BT. It's annoying. I have seriously thought about reactivating...
  8. drd1135

    Sony Press Phone

    Even the rumor site thought this one was nuts. Sony will bring a “press”smartphone. It is a a hybrid of the RX100 VII and Xperia 1 II. It has a permanent viewfinder, not Pop-up. It has a Flash hotshoe, LOTS of Input, even lan, and Arca Swiss ready. True or not, would you buy a cell phone...
  9. drd1135

    Filosofical Friday: What Camera Could Stand Up to Our New Smart Phone Overlords?

    OK, so none of you want to switch exclusively to smart phones. What camera could you live with and could also keep a manufacturer in business? Clearly dedicated camera sales are dropping so there are many decisions to be made. Do we need a compromise camera or a collection of different...
  10. Jock Elliott

    Dumb phone . . . plus Luminar 3

    On the way to the movies yesterday evening . . . 1.something mpixel flip phone camera. Original Romanced with Luminar 3 original Romanced with Luminar 3 Cheers, Jock
  11. Antonio Correia

    Sony Phone call ?

  12. davect01

    Android Samsung Note 8 First "Real" Shot

    I just got this phone and this is the first shot in manual mode. Pretty respectable
  13. john m flores

    Smartphone Nokia 9 PureView will have five rear cameras It will be interesting to see what those five cameras are - different focal lengths? B&W? - and what computational photography will come from it...
  14. P

    Android Huawei P20 Pro Cell Phone Night Mode

    Took this shot this evening of the Shard in London. Hand held, night mode on the P20 Pro. Pretty impressive piece of kit I'd say. The Shard - Huawei P20 Pro by Pete Tachauer, on Flickr
  15. Herman

    Which Operating System

    you like / use most? For phone, pc, wearable, tablet, etc. I got an i7 laptop computer (asus) running windows 10, using a 13 inch chromebook (toshiba) most. Looking forward to a pencil supported device for creating notes and sketches.
  16. Luke

    Smartphone Photos from phone to computer

    I think I'm at the precipice of giving up "real" cameras for my cel phone camera (for most uses), but the one big thing holding me back is transfer of photos. Maybe I'm just not thinking of something very simple. If I take a simple photo of the dogs and want to share it with my wife, I...
  17. SiJ 2015 Day 30

    SiJ 2015 Day 30

    Starbucks, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Coffee, phones and papers on a snowy day.
  18. krugorg

    Phone cameras and apps sub forum?

    I was looking around and found some dedicated threads, but I couldn't find a sub-forum for phone cameras. I thought it would be nice to talk have a discussion area for serious phone cameras and smartphone applications. Maybe in the small sensor fixed lens area? Of course, this is a bit...
  19. Lili

    Windows Phone 7 does Lomo; Dallas Moon

    Courtesy of the the Cleverphoto app that is HTC HD7