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  1. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 16

    Not what you'd usually see me propose, but really nicely performed: M.
  2. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 230 Interesting ... M.
  3. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 229

    Fascinating stuff, even though if it had succeeded, it would have served the forces of evil to prolong (or even turn around, which I doubt) the war ... Anyway, folks, we're only ten days away from our 300th...
  4. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 15

    Today marks the 20th anniversary of - Wikipedia: Yes, 2001-01-15 was the day the site went online. It's come a long, long way - while basically maintaining all principles it's based upon. Pretty darn impressive. M.
  5. M

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #43: Layers

    The Cameraderie 43th Challenge theme is: Layers One of the things I'm working on right now is trying to incorporate layers into my street photography, so I thought that would be a good challenge theme as well. Layering isn't just for street photography, it can be applied to virtually all...
  6. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 14

    A little something for the ears: Two weeks in - in difficult times. Nothing to be ashamed of! M.
  7. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 228

    I'm settling on something simple today (very tired, trying day): 228 in binary reads 11 10 01 00 - which, read in groups of two, is a binary countdown ... Well, neat. :biggrin: M.
  8. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 227

    In 1898, on this date, Émile Zola published "J'accuse" - exposing and condemning the Dreyfus affair. Sorry to revisit this subject so soon after day 219 - but I think it's an extraordinary event insofar as art stood up against establishment and had a...
  9. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 13

    January 13, 1968: Johnny Cash plays live at Folsom State Prison. Here's one you might not have expected from that concert ... M.
  10. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - outtakes day 13-18

    Next round - round about half way :thumbup: M.
  11. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 12

    Anyone remember this film? Eerie ... especially now. M.
  12. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 226

    11 years ago, Haiti was devastated - and it's still going on ... A really sombre reminder. Still, maybe it's necessary. It certainly puts things into perspective. M.
  13. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 11

    Since it's actually directly tied to this day of the month: Surprisingly thought-provoking (provocative language notwithstanding). It also saved you from some history lesson or other ;) M.
  14. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 225

    Math trivia time: 3^2x5^2=(1+2+3+4+5)^2=1^3+2^3+3^3+4^3+5^3=225 Neat :) M.
  15. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 10

    :thumbup: M.
  16. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 224

    Food for thought. EDIT: Oh, and one item also reminded me of this: In my inventory, a classic. M.
  17. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 223

    A little math trivia for starters: 223 is prime, but lives in a so-called "sea" of composite numbers: The next smaller prime is 211 (an impressive twelve units smaller), the next bigger prime is 227. 223 is special in that it is the smallest prime that lives within such a vast sea of non-primes...
  18. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 9

    Take it as it was conceived (with lots of tongue in at least four cheeks): And here's a more palatable version of the general idea: Most people are more familiar with version "4" ... but "1" appeared alongside "9" on the iconic White Album (I own the original vinyl ...). M.
  19. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 8

    A little 8-ball magic for you ... M.
  20. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 222

    Since I'd have to wait for 2000 days before being able to use the hint, I have to use this now: ;) M.
  21. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 7

    Anyone still remembering this? It always strikes me the so-called Deadly Sins are so very human in nature ... N.B. I report on this strictly from a historical standpoint, not a moral or theological one. M.
  22. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 221

    410 years ago, Galilei first observed Jupiter's four biggest moons (which are since called the "Galilean" ones). And because Phil Plait does a great job at explaining things further, here's his take on Jupiter's moons. M.
  23. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - outtakes day 7-12

    And on we go ... N.B. The first thread has been well used, it's a good idea to switch to this one. M.
  24. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 220

    Can't let another opportunity to use the "6" reference pass ... M.
  25. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 6

    Someone will surely milk anything for everything ... It's a relief that the symbolism is obvious enough. M.
  26. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 5

    Interesting way of educating people ... M.
  27. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 219

    Today marks the 125th anniversary of the culmination of the infamous Dreyfus affair. M.
  28. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 218

    Dexter Gordon doing "Four" - something not even Wikipedia knew about ;) (Sorry, after finding this, I just wanted to put it somewhere - I hope you excuse my laziness ... Other than Sputnik I entering Earth's atmosphere on this date in 1958, I didn't find anythnig I wanted to report, and the...
  29. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 4

    Enjoy :) M.
  30. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 3

    On this date, in 1977, Apple Computer was officially incorporated (it was founded less than a year earlier, on April 1 1976). The rest is history - if you like it or not ... He's going of on a tangent after some eight minutes or so - he routinely does that; I don't want to endorse him or...
  31. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 217

    At, Bi, Po, Pa, Ra, Rd, Th, U - all of these elements sport a radioactive isotope with 217 protons and neutrons in their respective nuclei ... Following that lead, I also found this: Could be worse ... M.
  32. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 2

    Researching "second" (instead of the more obvious "2") was rather interesting ... Trivia time, but not maths for a change ... M.
  33. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 216

    A little bit of math trivia once again: 3^3+4^3+5^3=6^3=216 Since Plato was the first to (officially, so to speak) notice this, it's called Plato's Number. You know me: Neat! :) M.
  34. agentlossing

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021: Offshoot - Film Weekends

    Alright, as the Commissioner has ruled this acceptable, here is a bonus round, or a side quest, involving Single in January. Each weekend, shoot and develop some film. My rules are: I have to either shoot or finish off a roll over the weekend and post a scanned photo from the weekend (no photos...
  35. MoonMind

    Single In Single in Januar (SiJ) 2021 - day 1

    From Stevie Ray Vaughan's first appearance, published on the seminal album "In the Beginning": Live Another Day ... good motto! (I remembered that album when I was thinking about "beginnings" ...) M.
  36. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021: outtakes day 1-6

    A place for your outtakes, round one (there'll be five such threads thoroughout the month). M.
  37. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021: discussion

    Our usual place for exchange - let's talk! And first and foremost, let's have a good time and see each other through this challenge! M.
  38. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 215

    I never researched "January" before ... and wasn't aware of Janus' significance (even though I knew the "figure"). Britannica is more succinct: M.
  39. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 214

    For those who have been with us from the start: We've reached 275 days of continues shooting - which means that even in a leap year, we've done three quarters of a whole year! A suitable milestone to end this crazy year with! On the tune of three fourths ... well, of course ... Oh, and ...
  40. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 213

    A complete outlier, but I found this interesting - because alternative technologies had existed for quite some time by 1986 ... That's the thing with traditions, really ... They develop a live of their own...
  41. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 212

    In 1911, the man who would level the playing fields on nuclear weapons was born: Klaus Fuchs gave Stalin's U.S.S.R. the knowledge how to build an atom bomb. He paved the way for MAD - we'll never know if that was a good thing ... There's a new book on him, too; I found the Wikipedia entry...
  42. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 211

    Completely OT - but I stumbled upon another video on Aspirin and then went to research willow bark; alas, lots of enthusiastic esotericisms about - but also some interesting insights. M.
  43. pdurand

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #42: Masked - Winner announced

    Starting Dec. 28th 2020 and ending Jan. 10th 2021 The Cameraderie 42th Challenge theme is: Masked Since ten months now, almost everyone we meet is wearing a mask for self and others health protection purpose, and I am a bit tired of it... Let's do something more fun or artistic with this. So...
  44. MoonMind

    Single In Single in January 2021: It's on!

    As promised a long time ago, we'll do it: The Single in January 2021 (SiJ 21) challenge! The core rules: Take at least one image per day during one month - and post (only) one image to each day's thread. The image doesn't have to be posted on the same day it was taken, but regular...
  45. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 210

    2*3*5*7 (Sorry, after yesterday's nugget, I simply couldn't bring myself to try to top it ...) M.
  46. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 209

    I really never thought of researching the 12 days of Christmas thing before ... ... and then I remembered: M.
  47. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 208

    A little observation on the human condition, from an interestingly skewed angle ... Not unseasonal, if you think about it ... M.
  48. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 207

    Please take this with the same tongue-in-cheek attitude that permeates the original: (Listening is of course not compulsory in order to participate in this thread ;)) Anyhow, Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it. And to stay strictly British (as if I was), here's another source of...
  49. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 206

    Trivia time: Adults usually have 206 bones in their body ... :) M.
  50. MoonMind

    Challenge! Day to Day 205

    Legendary ... (The video is a throwback, too :)) M.
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