1. john m flores

    Your FIRST Flickr* photo

    Post your first Flickr* photo! Here's mine: June 17th, 2006, a stitched panoramic taken with a Nikon D70 New York Scooter Club @ the Brass Monkey Bar by John Flores, on Flickr * or other photo sharing website
  2. melanie.ylang

    Street My Photo Diary: Street Cars of Desire

    The South West Street Rodder's celebrated their 50th Anniversary with a cruise along the main street in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia. I did something extraordinary and attended by myself, as my husband - who shares my car passion - had to be elsewhere. And I had a blast! For years, I've...
  3. agentlossing

    Ricoh Ricoh GR "Daily Life" Themed Photo Festival I haven't seen a stronger collection of photos in a long time. I feel this kind of theme really encapsulates what the GR is best at.
  4. Bill in Texas

    Birds Photo chosen for use on Ebird and the Merlin app

    A photograph of a juvenile Whooping Crane I took on January 22, 2018 was chosen to be included on the Ebird site and on the Merlin app. I was shooting Canon at the time.
  5. drd1135

    Portait of Android Wins Photo Contest.

    Here's a fun one. The Poll was pretty evenly split. No question it's a great image, but the rules are pretty clear is must be a living subject, if I'm reading this correctly.
  6. William Lewis

    Take The Shot When You See It

    It might not be there later. We know that in our minds but sometimes we get reminded of it. I have subjects I go back to repeatedly. I call them my "usual suspects" after Casablanca. This is one of them. No more for that one. I'm just glad I got it across as many...
  7. Melo

    Canon Adobe Express

    Anyone use Adobe PhotoShop or Lightroom. So I took this photo of the moon last night and my background is just a plan black background. Any ideas on how at edit background to give this image more of an awe look.
  8. Inphoto

    Challenge! The Photo Below Me (TPBM)

    Post a photo that matches the TPBM description of the last post and supply a TPBM description for the next photo to follow. Keep it simple and have fun! Starting... The next post must have: TPBM is in the water
  9. drd1135

    iPhone creates fascinating photo Not a game-changing new photo technology, but an fascinating result from the tech we all have now.
  10. Irene McC

    Competition won with a staged photo

    Rather disconcerting
  11. Stiga

    Fixed-lens photo show-case

    Fixed-lens cameras a very versatile now and many professionals carry them as a second string. I wonder how many in the forun use the, I wonder? Let's find out wuth this thread and please pop in weekly and show us your fixed-lens shots. Here's one for starters taken with my Canon G5 X
  12. Brownie

    Just joined (ish) a local photo group

    Found what appears to be a very loosely-run photo walk group in my area. Looks like they have formal 'meetings' only once in a while, but schedule monthly photo walks. This month's will be held at the old Ohio State Reformatory where they made the film “The Shawshank Redemption”. Sounds like fun...
  13. BeatX

    Motorcycle photo session

    Enjoy! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)
  14. William Lewis

    Zenfolio & Photo Sales Websites?

    I'm pondering creating a web presence to present my work and (hopefully) sell digital files and prints. I've been looking at to start with - it seems not too high priced and easy to set up and use. Does anyone here have any experience with them or with any other alternative to it...
  15. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1190

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  16. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1184

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  17. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1182

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  18. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1181

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  19. Toddster

    Help needed understanding iCloud for photo storage

    I noticed in another thread: Cloud Storage .... Several members are using iCloud for photo storage. I use iCloud for document storage but can’t quite figure out how to go about setting it up to back up all of my photos. I need a little help understanding exactly how that would work. I know...
  20. S

    On1 Photo Raw 2023 vs ACDSee and Topaz Photo AI combo 2023

    Attached is a photo of a photo that I processed both in On1 Photo Raw and in ACDSee with sharpening and Denoise handled by Topaz Photo AI. I tried to duplicate the same overall luminance and color in both, and "sorta" tried to duplicate the cropping level. Shot with an Olympus EM10 and a kit...
  21. C

    Advice Wanted adobe bridge photo down loader downloads 2 copies of camera files

    (I searched for this subject and did not find what I wanted, my apologies if it is addressed.) I use Bridge photo downloader to download image files from my camera to my hard drive. I have done this for years, without any issues. Now, when I use the downloader, it download two image files for...
  22. wt21

    Photo backup headaches (Lightroom on Mac with Dropbox)

    I have maintained a local dropbox folder for years without issues. Suddenly, all my files were removed from my local drive to "save space" and sent into the dropbox cloud where they are now "easy to retrieve." Thanks Dropbox!! Except it breaks the Lightroom operation. Lightroom doesn't see the...
  23. CatsAreGods

    Philosophy No comment

  24. MoonMind

    Daily Challenge Today 1124

    Et ceterum censeo: No pasarán. M.
  25. Darmok N Jalad

    Fuji Your Fuji photo editor of choice?

    I've been checking out various softwares for editing RAFs from my X-T3. I'm curious what other Fuji shooters are using since the X-Trans sensor seems to not be handled so equally. I like ON1 2023 for overall output and ease of use, but it's a bit sluggish on MacOS. It can use the default film...
  26. hippi

    Advice Wanted resize

    I am in the process of making a pen here is the photo in PS I can get it to the 1.065x4 but in lightroom I put those same # in and it comes square plus it hard to read the names, 545552.jpg some one helped on that have no idea how they did it
  27. MountainMan79

    Architecture Corporate Campus Photo Walk - Image Heavy

    I co-chair the photography club at work, and today we did a photo walk around our campus looking for cool lines, textures, and angles. It was a fun afternoon, and I grabbed a handful of shots I quite like. Most architectural stuff I shoot I prefer in B&W and with a wide angle, so I brought along...
  28. doobs

    Alternatives to the now departed Amazon Drive for offsite photo storage

    So, My "friends" at Amazon have deprecated Amazon Drive. Drive was a part of the Prime package that provided free photo storage. I'm guessing it became a problem with people storing other stuff as Amazon turned off uploading photos into Drive, and now you must use "Photos" to upload images...
  29. gryphon1911

    Software Interesting Find For Topaz Photo AI - Upscaling

    I was working with pictures from the Minolta Maxxum 7D and Minolta 135mm lens today. Ran the RAW files through Lightroom, but decided to see about using Topaz Photo AI for the sharpening. Topaz Photo AI auto detects and states what it thinks it needs to do. To my surprise, for a lot of the...
  30. doobs

    Looking for some thoughts about a photo walk across the Golden Gate

    So, I managed to finagle myself a boondoggle at work. We have some business in Sacramento, so I'm going to fly into San Francisco on a early (relatively) flight. Before driving to Sacramento, my plans are to do a photo walk across the Golden Gate. Doing some innerweb spelunking, it looks...
  31. Hendrik

    Challenge! Cameraderie Challenge #64 - Hands - Closed

    Hands. They’re one of our major interfaces with the world –– one of the things that make us us. They can be wonderfully expressive even when not being used for expression. Let’s see pictures of hands –– doing something or not doing something; dynamic or passive; putting or taking...
  32. Glevum Owl

    SOHO All In One (with decent photo printing)

    I'm in the market for a high end, SOHO, all in one printer to replace an HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dw that's packed up at just on three years old. Lots of problems, long story. The new Epson EcoTank printers appeal but I've no experience with them other than setting up an entry level model for...
  33. gryphon1911

    Nikon Nikon Film Simulations - Yes! Aged Photo

    Many of you know that I enjoy the film simulations for Fuji X-Trans cameras and created a few myself. Well, the FujiXWeekly website has been branching out and working on creating film simulations for Nikon Picture Controls as well. I used this on my Z fc. Called Aged Analog Picture...
  34. Irene McC

    Weather related photo contest finalists

    Some really nice photos!
  35. TNcasual

    Photo on display

    Just a bit of self promotion. One of my photos was chosen to be included in exhibition for the month of June. It will be on display all month long in downtown Knoxville. I shot this swan on a foggy morning from my kayak. I am proud of the shot and happy to have it included in the exhibition.
  36. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony A historic photo in the annals of my shooting...

    as a Grandpa. They ALL were looking at the camera at the same instant!
  37. wt21

    Apple Some Mac-based options for photo management and editing, not in the cloud

    I have nothing against Lightroon, which I've used for 10+ years. I'm just not taking pictures, and would prefer to get out of the annual subscription. I don't mind annual subscriptions for something I use regularly, but I've only taken (or more precisely kept) 24 images this year from my...
  38. DeeJayK

    Advice Wanted How do you organize your photo library?

    I'm curious to hear what methods you all have to organize your images? I suspect some of you have vast libraries that are well organized, based on the speed at which the Post an image related to the one above it thread turns over. Meanwhile my images are spread across multiple devices, online...
  39. phigmov

    Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021 + Natural Landscape Winners 2021

    Couple of fun articles / links that might be of interest to people - NPR article on the Comedy Wildlife Award Winners for 2021 - these are always a pick-me-up and they're all pretty great...
  40. agentlossing

    A Photo Project for College Credit

    I'm looking to wrap up a two-year degree after a lot of time away from college in the work world (like, a lot of time, a decade). Partly because of the way the world has been the last couple years, feeling cooped up and without much of a plan until we can ride out the remainder of the pandemic...
  41. gordo

    Fuji Any Fuji (X-H1) aviation photo gurus hang around here?

    Plans are for me to attend my first airshow in over 5 years, and the first with Fuji stuff. Will be using the X-H1 + 100-400 and the 16-55. Plan on AF-S and single point when using the 16-55. Aperture will vary depending upon wide shot or zoomed-in. 100-400 will mostly be at f/8. Shutter...
  42. agentlossing

    Romanian Analogue Photo Archive A growing collection of photos from Romania from around 1900 onwards, there are some incredible documentary images from the country through the precipitous 20th century. Well worth a look!
  43. Briar

    Challenge! Challenge #48 - Photo Essay - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Start Date May 16, 2021 End Date June 13, 2021 Photo Essay: With six photographs (no more, no less) tell me a story of your choice. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle and end. You must give your photo essay a title. There is no requirement for you to include captions or text...
  44. donlaw

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #47; Outside Winner announced

    Start Date April 7, 2021 End Date April 30, 2021 Outside: Many people have spent much of the last year inside. Myself included. And according to the urban dictionary "it's uncomfortable and there is this big hot thing in the sky and there are other people that you sometimes have to talk to" and...
  45. mnhoj

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #46: Vintage - Winner Announced

    Start Date March 13, 2021 End Date April 3, 2021 Vintage: antique, old-fashioned, old-school, old-time, old-timey, old-world, oldfangled, quaint, retro, retrograde, mnhoj ( :, etc. As usual, this challenge will consider originality, technical merit, and artistic vision. No change to the tried...
  46. davect01

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #45: Looking to the Future

    Alright, here we go, The Cameraderie 45th Challenge theme is: Looking to the Future We all have had a challenging year. Last Challenge we got a peek at what we all have been doing during 2020. Even if you have not had anyone pass away from Covid, we have had all been impacted in some way...
  47. serhan

    Daily Challenge Cameraderie Photo Challenge #44: Best photo of 2020 - Winner announced

    The Cameraderie 44th Challenge theme is: Best photo of 2020 2020 was a challenging year for everybody. We all changed how we lived our lives. The same applied to my photography. So I left the challenge open as your best photo of 2020... It is very hard to choose one, but please post one of your...
  48. M

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #43: Layers - Winner Announced

    The Cameraderie 43th Challenge theme is: Layers One of the things I'm working on right now is trying to incorporate layers into my street photography, so I thought that would be a good challenge theme as well. Layering isn't just for street photography, it can be applied to virtually all...
  49. pdurand

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #42: Masked - Winner announced

    Starting Dec. 28th 2020 and ending Jan. 10th 2021 The Cameraderie 42th Challenge theme is: Masked Since ten months now, almost everyone we meet is wearing a mask for self and others health protection purpose, and I am a bit tired of it... Let's do something more fun or artistic with this. So...
  50. donlaw

    Daily Challenge Cameraderie Photo Challenge #41: Sun - Winner announced

    Starting Dec. 10th and Ending Dec. 25th 2020 The Cameraderie 41st Challenge theme is: Sun As we move on toward the end of 2020, let’s see your best sun photo. Most of us have taken a few. Sunrise, Sunset or any other photo featuring the sun. After this memorable mess of a year, see it out with...