1. phigmov

    Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2021 + Natural Landscape Winners 2021

    Couple of fun articles / links that might be of interest to people - NPR article on the Comedy Wildlife Award Winners for 2021 - these are always a pick-me-up and they're all pretty great...
  2. agentlossing

    A Photo Project for College Credit

    I'm looking to wrap up a two-year degree after a lot of time away from college in the work world (like, a lot of time, a decade). Partly because of the way the world has been the last couple years, feeling cooped up and without much of a plan until we can ride out the remainder of the pandemic...
  3. gordo

    Fuji Any Fuji (X-H1) aviation photo gurus hang around here?

    Plans are for me to attend my first airshow in over 5 years, and the first with Fuji stuff. Will be using the X-H1 + 100-400 and the 16-55. Plan on AF-S and single point when using the 16-55. Aperture will vary depending upon wide shot or zoomed-in. 100-400 will mostly be at f/8. Shutter...
  4. agentlossing

    Romanian Analogue Photo Archive A growing collection of photos from Romania from around 1900 onwards, there are some incredible documentary images from the country through the precipitous 20th century. Well worth a look!
  5. Briar

    Challenge! Challenge #48 - Photo Essay - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Start Date May 16, 2021 End Date June 13, 2021 Photo Essay: With six photographs (no more, no less) tell me a story of your choice. Your story should have a clear beginning, middle and end. You must give your photo essay a title. There is no requirement for you to include captions or text...
  6. donlaw

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #47; Outside Winner announced

    Start Date April 7, 2021 End Date April 30, 2021 Outside: Many people have spent much of the last year inside. Myself included. And according to the urban dictionary "it's uncomfortable and there is this big hot thing in the sky and there are other people that you sometimes have to talk to" and...
  7. M

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #46: Vintage - Winner Announced

    Start Date March 13, 2021 End Date April 3, 2021 Vintage: antique, old-fashioned, old-school, old-time, old-timey, old-world, oldfangled, quaint, retro, retrograde, mnhoj ( :, etc. As usual, this challenge will consider originality, technical merit, and artistic vision. No change to the tried...
  8. davect01

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #45: Looking to the Future

    Alright, here we go, The Cameraderie 45th Challenge theme is: Looking to the Future We all have had a challenging year. Last Challenge we got a peek at what we all have been doing during 2020. Even if you have not had anyone pass away from Covid, we have had all been impacted in some way...
  9. serhan

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #44: Best photo of 2020 - Winner announced

    The Cameraderie 44th Challenge theme is: Best photo of 2020 2020 was a challenging year for everybody. We all changed how we lived our lives. The same applied to my photography. So I left the challenge open as your best photo of 2020... It is very hard to choose one, but please post one of your...
  10. M

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #43: Layers - Winner Announced

    The Cameraderie 43th Challenge theme is: Layers One of the things I'm working on right now is trying to incorporate layers into my street photography, so I thought that would be a good challenge theme as well. Layering isn't just for street photography, it can be applied to virtually all...
  11. pdurand

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #42: Masked - Winner announced

    Starting Dec. 28th 2020 and ending Jan. 10th 2021 The Cameraderie 42th Challenge theme is: Masked Since ten months now, almost everyone we meet is wearing a mask for self and others health protection purpose, and I am a bit tired of it... Let's do something more fun or artistic with this. So...
  12. donlaw

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #41: Sun - Winner announced

    Starting Dec. 10th and Ending Dec. 25th 2020 The Cameraderie 41st Challenge theme is: Sun As we move on toward the end of 2020, let’s see your best sun photo. Most of us have taken a few. Sunrise, Sunset or any other photo featuring the sun. After this memorable mess of a year, see it out with...
  13. William Lewis

    Photo Printing

    Eventually I want to get to the point where I can print and mount my photos to try and sell them to the tourist trade up here in Northern Wisconsin. In the meantime, I want to get some prints done to experiment with gifts and possibly testing the selling waters. I'm especially interested in up...
  14. Jonathan F/2

    Curved monitor for photo editing?

    Does anyone use a curve monitor for photo editing? I'm thinking of replacing my dual 27" monitor setup with a single 4K 32" curved monitor. Does anyone have issues with photo editing on a curved monitor? With a looming stay-at-home order in our city, everyone in my family will be going to school...
  15. albertk

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #38: Shadows - Winner announced

    Start Date - September 25, 2020 End Date - October 17, 2020 This Cameraderie 38th Challenge theme is: Shadows. As usual, this challenge will consider originality, technical merit, and artistic vision. Everyday we have a world of light and shadow, and it is the shadow that is cast, real or...
  16. Luke

    photo manipulation (bringing old statues some photorealism)

    I thought this was pretty cool and thought some of you would enjoy it, too.
  17. MiguelATF

    Challenge! [WINNER Announced] Cameraderie Photo Challenge #37: Windows

    Start Date August 26, 2020 End Date September 18, 2020 This Cameraderie 37th Challenge theme is: WINDOWS. As usual, this challenge will consider originality, technical merit, and artistic vision. Windows are a part of our daily lives. As photographers, many of us have taken photographs of...
  18. Matero

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #32 ZigZag - Winner announced!

    This Cameraderie 32nd challenge theme is: zigzag Recipes for good photograph are many: light, color, point of view, field of depth etc. But this time the challenge is to find pattern or shape of zigzag. Challenge yourself, keep your eyes open and share with us your zigzag. And have fun and be...
  19. Herman

    Chrome OS Photo tools for chromebooks

    Which photo editing tools do you recommend for chromebook computers? Best regards, Herman
  20. donlaw

    Film Photo Processing

    While cleaning out a cabinet during this stay home stay safe period, I found this roll of unprocessed film. I think the local CVS or Walgreens will send it out to be processed, but I read that they no longer return the negatives. Just prints and scans! Does anyone know if this is true...
  21. M

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #30 - Fun!! - Winner announced

    This challenge's theme is Fun. While such a simple thought there are so many simple things right now that are simply unsimple. I thought just thinking of translating the word into a snapshot or photograph might allow us all to escape all of our new challenges for at least a few moments. Have...
  22. drd1135

    An April Photo Challenge?

    I realize that we were supposed to have a Singles in April Challenge in a about a week. That's going to be hard for many folks who really don't want to go out and shoot. On the other hand, many of us are getting a bit bored, isolated, cabin feverish, mentally unstable, etc., and some activity...
  23. serhan

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge #29: Long Exposure (winner announced)

    This challenge's theme is Long Exposure. The challenge starts today and ends on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images...
  24. Brian

    Flickr account with classic pages from Photo Magazines, Books, etc. Some very interesting photography pages, many classic ads, and camera articles scanned in: worth looking at if you use/like vintage equipment. And there is a website :
  25. mike3996

    Feedback Photo gallery forums too scattered!

    I like our vibrant and active photo forums here, but don't you think there's too many of them and they're all scattered. I never find the right place to post my pictures! Frankly it's exhausting. Some of my thoughts, what I am seeing. "Words / No Words". Nice idea but in practice has anyone...
  26. christilou

    Challenge! Cameraderie Photo Challenge number 27 Love

    The challenge starts today and ends on Friday 14th February 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images in order to enter it. 2. Only one entry...
  27. MoonMind

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #26: Overlooked

    Post an image of something - or someone, even - which, or who, respectively, is usually overlooked; relative size and actual relevance don't matter ... :) The challenge starts today and ends on January 14th, 2020. The tried and trusted rules are as follows: 1. Either take pictures that match...
  28. chickenherby

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #25:Mountainview

    The challenge starts today and ends on the 31 dez And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the photographer that created the images in order to enter it. 2. Only one entry per salon, please. If you...
  29. P

    The 'one photo for each camera you own(ed)' thread :)

    Inspired by the "owned too many cameras" thread ;) - post one photo from each camera you own or owned... It doesn't have to be a complete set - just as much as is fun! When I tried to do this I realized that it's going to be tricky to get a full set :-D Especially if you factor in phone cameras :)
  30. pdurand

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #24: Childhood

    For challenge #24 the topic is ''Childhood''. Interpret the topic in any way that portrays your sense of childhood. The challenge will run until approx. December 15th. And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio...
  31. Jock Elliott

    Messing around with Photolemur 3, Luminar 3, DXO 9

    Early this AM I received an email inviting me to enter a contest and receive a free copy of Photolemur 3. So I did. It appears to be a fully automated program for improving photographs. I then played with the same photographs using DXO 9 (using one of the HDR presets) and Luminar 3 (using a...
  32. TraamisVOS

    Photo books - post photo books or any other photography-related books you've just bought.

    Today's find at the op shop for $2!
  33. kyteflyer

    Apple IOS Photography App: Pixelmator Photo

    Wow. Such an improvement over the basic Pixelmator which I almost never used. Tried it out the other day when Snapseed began misbehaving (started with iOS12.x) and am very pleased with it. You can’t access as an extension but it doesn’t matter, because it will present you with thumbnails of...
  34. Jim McClain

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge #23: HOT!

    For Challenge #23, the topic is "HOT!" You can interpret HOT! any way you choose. I'm sure you've seen the word in reference to many subjects, not the least of which have been pointed out by your mother, an American eatery, NASA and Paris Hilton. Show me your best photographic illustration of...
  35. Jonathan F/2

    Can anyone explain why my photo became popular on Flickr?

    191011_DESIDERIO_PARK_PHOTOS_FRIOLO by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr Several days ago I uploaded this shot on Flickr and for some reason it's getting quite a few "favs" and engagements? I don't really use Flickr for social media or the online community aspects, I mainly use it as a backup for my...
  36. donlaw

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 22: Neighbor - results in

    For challenge 22 the topic is Neighbor. Interpret the topic it in any way that portrays your actual neighbors, people you think as neighbors, a former neighbors, or maybe something that depicts neighbors to you. Inspired by Mr Rodgers: "Won't you be my neighbor" The challenge will run until...
  37. TraamisVOS

    Film The Dude's got a new photo book out (Jeff Bridges, Pictures Volume 2)
  38. bilzmale

    Wildlife Comedy Photo Awards.

    These are hilarious.
  39. Briar

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 18: Self

    For challenge 18 the topic is Self. Interpret the topic it in any way that portrays your sense of self. The challenge will run until approx. July 14th. And the rules, as always, are: 1. Either take pictures that match the nominated theme or select some from your portfolio. You must be the...
  40. donlaw

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 17: Contrast

    To keep this series going we are moving ahead with a new challenge. Since the winner from the last challenge has not started a new one, @Luke suggested that I move us on with a new topic. For challenge 17 the topic is Contrast. It could be technical contrast or perhaps some subject matter that...
  41. Biro

    Configuring 2019 iMac for Photo and Video Editing

    My 2011 21.5-inch iMac with i7 chip, 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD is beginning to slow down but still works. However, it can no longer be updated to the latest Mac OS. Given its age, it's probably time to replace it. But my budget is not unlimited and cannot handle a completely maxed out 2019...
  42. MiguelATF

    Cameraderie Photo Challenge 16: f/8 and Be There - WINNER ANNOUNCED

    Most of us know or have heard of the quote by Arthur Fellig - the famous and infamous crime reporter and photojournalist who was better known as 'Weegee' - who, when asked how he was able to come up with such amazing photographs, replied, simply: f/8 and be there. As photographers, our brains...
  43. For Heather the Vet

    For Heather the Vet

    A reprocess of one of Heather's images
  44. Reprocessed example for Heather the Vet

    Reprocessed example for Heather the Vet

    This is not my image, but a belongs to Heather the Vet who wanted to see how folks reprocessed.
  45. Bride Checking the photos

    Bride Checking the photos

    In the good ole days the clients didnt see the photos until after you got them back from the lab ...