1. Jonathan F/2

    Jay-Z Files Lawsuit Against Photographer Jonathan Mannion for “Exploiting” His Likeness

    These cases are becoming all too common with photographers being sued or having to go to court to protect their copyright:
  2. Matero

    Finnish photographer Antti Karppinen - 2021 the best European professional photographer

    Not good country to be amateur photographer 😳 And as a bonus, Finnish professionals awarded with other prizes as well ending to be the one most successful country in one year in the competition history
  3. drd1135

    Biden's Photographer

    Nice article on DPR about the new presidential photographer: His kit is three Sony A9II bodies, the 16-35 2.8, the 85 1.4, and the 100-400. He also keeps a 24-105 f4 as "back up". Not...
  4. Jock Elliott

    After five long years . . . finally published as a nature photographer . . . see also "patient endurance"

    The theme of my early morning devotional last Wednesday was "patient endurance." I remember thinking: "doesn't sound like fun to me." At noon, coming back from a doctor's appointment, the better half says, "better check your messages." There is a call from an editor at The Conservationist...
  5. M. Valdemar

    Tony Vaccaro - WWII Photographer

    Really good documentary film. I had never heard of him until I saw this: He is mentioned here too:
  6. TraamisVOS

    Film Another Widelux photographer who also happens to be a Hollywood actor.

    Gary Oldman. I wonder why he isn't as well known as Bridges (re his photography).
  7. Kevin

    Advice Wanted How to deal with people telling you what you should be taking pictures of or other unsolicited advice?

    At a family social event this past weekend I had a situation where somebody went out of their way to make a point of, and then nearly insist, on a few things that I should be taking pictures of. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation for me for a number of reasons (let's just say that in...
  8. Mike G


    A fellow cruise passenger, I believe he was a Nikon shooter! Lummix G9 + 25mm 1.4 @ 1/1250 f4 ISO200
  9. Kevin

    New enemy of photographers? "Flat Earthers"

    Well, here's a weird story that crosses my sci-fi geek side with my Cameraderie geek side... a photographer has encountered a new foe to deal with, so-called Flat Earthers. 🌏 The "Cliff Notes" is that photographer completed a project working with NASA of photographing artifacts from NASA's...
  10. Kevin

    News BBC's "Food Photographer of the Year 2019"

    BBC news has posted their "Food Photographer of the Year 2019". Based on the title of the page I was expecting something a bit more along the lines of typical "millennial tacking a picture of their dinner", instead it's an international diverse collection of scenes involving food in some...
  11. Jock Elliott

    Why I would suck as a commercial photographer

    The thread -- I don't want to teach grandma to suck eggs but ..... -- got me going on this. I responded to it as follows: "I like HCB's thought: "You don't take a photograph, the photograph takes you." Exact quote: “A photograph is neither taken or seized by force. It offers itself up. It is...
  12. Kevin

    Show Lyle Owerko show in Denver for... Boomboxes 📻

    Most shows don't really catch my attention, to be honest, but if I was near Denver I think I'd have to check this one out. I think even my wife would go with me. Photographer Lyle Owerko has a show going on with the subject of boomboxes. 📻 Yes, the symbol of music in the 80's, those big clunky...
  13. An unconventional method

    An unconventional method

  14. A conventional method

    A conventional method

  15. Serial photography

    Serial photography

    Me shooting a friend having shot a guy shooting his girl - if that makes any sense :)
  16. BillN

    Photo of a photographer taking a photo

    Not heard from Herman recently but this is the type of topic he may post This is one of my favourites, for obvious reasons Post yours if you care to Nice equipment! ………………………….. a Canon EOS Canon S95