photography philosophy

  1. agentlossing

    Philosophy Culling and Curating

    I was just going through my Flickr account, culling somewhat mercilessly (for me... most viewers would probably survey the results and still find about half of it that could be culled out), as I periodically do. My Flickr usually remains around 500 photos, sometimes more, sometimes less. Flickr...
  2. JensM

    Philosophy The Devil is in the details, or not.

    Got three blinding flashes of the obvious, over the 24 hours that was Sunday. First flash: Which turned into this This was based on not doing my due dilligence, just running the G9 on apperture priority. I am not a very accomplished starry photographer and have to date made exactly one...
  3. lucien

    Philosophy auto iso

    Hi what systems allow the camera to let the ISO float? When in Manual mode? Oly doesn't, and my old Sony a230 doesn't. Nikon does. I'm wondering what systems have auto ISO in manual mode. Thanks,
  4. mike3996

    Philosophy Small trips often, or longer ones less so?

    Photography can be done many ways and you can allocate a little time or hours on hours. How do you prefer to take your photography? A short hour daily, or a good 5+ hours once a week? I am thinking about this idea since I am considering moving out from the center of action. I think I will be...
  5. emerson

    Philosophy About Criticism: the three key questions

    Many years ago, in a university Art History class, I was taught that art criticism was really about answers to three pertinent questions: 1. What did the artist set out to do? 2. Was it done well? 3. Was it worth doing? These three questions have served me well when critically examining my...
  6. agentlossing

    Philosophy How Often Do You "See" Your Vision Change Regarding Your Photos?

    I've been culling my photos lately, actually have made a couple passes through some of the recent/standout stuff in the past half-year. Partly digging through work that's three or four years old to distill it to the interesting moments, pick the best out of the many multiple shots of the same...
  7. grebeman

    Philosophy The Obsession with "gear"

    Just why do so many of us seem to acquire more and more "gear" in pursuit of photographs? Lets just look at one of my favourite photographers, James Ravilious. Although he studied at art school (under an assumed name since he was the son of a famous engraver Eric Ravilious) he was a self taught...
  8. sh0wtime

    Philosophy Found an Interview with working Pro using vintage compacts

    Hi guys. was just browsing the net (like you do) & stumbled across this interview.. quite liked the concept :) although it's very "niche", i can't imagine there would be a lot of mainstream demand..
  9. sh0wtime

    Philosophy Gamechanger?

    Hi guys. Over your Photography careers have you ever got any new kit that could be described as a gamechanger? Obviously most new kit provides incremental improvements but did you ever use something for the first time & be like "Wow, that is awesome" :clapping: For me it was probably my D3. it...