1. drd1135

    The Single Most Important Issue in Modern Photography

    is, of course, Tilt-Only vs. Fully-Articulated LCD screen. (Warning: this is a mini-rant.) My collection of cameras has both represented so my feelings are not as strong as many. However, I was just looking at the DPR comments on the Canon RP body (This thread got me curious: Canon - Anyone...
  2. Matero

    Discreet photography

    I was asked to take few photos in funeral, discreetly. Which one to choose? 🤔 Difference in size, weight and confront is phenomenal. This was of course rhetorical question
  3. rflove

    Leica Close up photography (macro) with the M240

    So, I looked around in the lens cubicle and saw this old adapted lens... A Canon 50mm FD Macro and decided to play with it a bit... Here are a few shots taken with it and some shots taken of it. The images of the set up were taken with the CL and a M 50mm Summilux, love that lens... Anyway, one...
  4. Kevin

    The photography of.... Kenny Rogers

    This week country music singer Kenny Rogers passed away at the age of 81. Coming across my news feed tonight was an item I did not know about; Kenny Rogers was also a photographer who released a few books and earned an honorary degree from the PPA,and was trained by professionals...
  5. Cameraderie Bot

    News / Rumor Stuck at home? Over 1,000 online photography courses are now available for free for 2 weeks

    For anybody who is stuck at home, here's a chance to catch some photography courses for the next few weeks.... Over 1,000 online photography courses are now available for free By Sharmishta Sarkar...
  6. William Lewis

    Concert Photography in the age of Covid19

    So last night one of my favorite singer/songwriters held a performance. I bought a ticket and logged in for the 45 minute show. Since it was the first time I'd seen her live, I had to take photos, yes? Even had a blurry shot or two just as in a non-virtual concert. It was an odd feeling and...
  7. drd1135

    “Intrusive” Street Photography.

    An interesting article/video:
  8. kyteflyer

    Apple IOS Photography App: Pixelmator Photo

    Wow. Such an improvement over the basic Pixelmator which I almost never used. Tried it out the other day when Snapseed began misbehaving (started with iOS12.x) and am very pleased with it. You can’t access as an extension but it doesn’t matter, because it will present you with thumbnails of...
  9. gordo

    Video - David Yarrow on how he does wildlife photography

    Watching some photo videos yesterday (after viewing the Fiona Lark vid), this popped up in the recommendations. I found it interesting, and a bit funny in a couple spots.
  10. jyc860923

    Stroll Bird not-in-flight photography

    I know some people prefer the name "chicken", but that sounds too much like food to me :-p Just joking, I call them chicken too, and here they are.
  11. Kevin

    How to deal with people telling you what you should be taking pictures of or other unsolicited advice?

    At a family social event this past weekend I had a situation where somebody went out of their way to make a point of, and then nearly insist, on a few things that I should be taking pictures of. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation for me for a number of reasons (let's just say that in...
  12. Cameraderie

    Announcement Nominate an image for the front page!

    On our front page we feature some of the incredible images that our Cameraderie community members share. Reply to this thread to nominate an image from the forums to be inlcuded on the front page! With our current software we can include any image from any post from any thread in the forums! 😎...
  13. Cameraderie Bot

    Event Adorama Inspire Photography Conference - June 18-20, 2019 in NYC Schedule: Adorama aims to provide the creative community with the education, inspiration, and tools you need to create anything you imagine. This June get ready for 3 days of hands-on...
  14. drd1135

    The Graying of Traditional Photography

    Someone on the mu43 forum posted this reference to a 6 year old article by Kirk Tuck. It’s a good read so I thought I would post it over here.
  15. JoeLopez

    Film 2019 Film Photography Day

    April 12th is here :) What do you currently have loaded? What are you shooting this weekend? N90 - Ektar 100 Minolta A5 - HP5 400 F3/T - Fuji Superia 400 I hope to have some time to snap a few frames this weekend!
  16. Kevin

    Show Lyle Owerko show in Denver for... Boomboxes 📻

    Most shows don't really catch my attention, to be honest, but if I was near Denver I think I'd have to check this one out. I think even my wife would go with me. Photographer Lyle Owerko has a show going on with the subject of boomboxes. 📻 Yes, the symbol of music in the 80's, those big clunky...
  17. PMLynch Photography

    New to JPGs

    New to posting here too. As for new to JPGs, just to having that be my original file. I just bought an X-Pro2. Now I want another one. Managed to get it just before a short vacation to the mountains of NC . Although I shot in RAW for some stock photos to send off I mostly shot jpgs in Acros...
  18. Lightmancer

    Books F8 and Been There - I'm an author!

    After a couple of years of work, I've just produced my first Kindle book, F8 and Been There. are the target audience, so I hope you enjoy it! Please use one of our affiliate links: Amazon US: Amazon UK: ...and search by title. It should...
  19. SIJ - Day 12

    SIJ - Day 12

    Back to street . . .
  20. SIJ - Day 9

    SIJ - Day 9

    Today was hardly different from today. Everything grey and I needed the toning. Strange however what we leave behind, no matter what.
  21. SIJ - Day 4

    SIJ - Day 4

    The modern ICE train from Germany passes by at 120 km/h, while the traveler is reminded of an exhibition of the Jewish history. Today was an in-between day. Storm hit the Netherlands the day before and another storm is predicted for the next day. It was a quick stroll today.
  22. SIJ - Day 2

    SIJ - Day 2

    In my hometown, a typical commuter place, I consider the local train station to be best place for street photography. Anywhere else people are just to aware of your presence. The station has a very sober architecture and while it is usually a quite busy place, it is also a location that...
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