1. agentlossing

    Software Anyone Still Use Photoshop Elements?

    A long time ago, I had an old version of Photoshop Elements. I'd like to get access to Adobe Camera RAW 15.1, as it now supports the JPEG profiles on the Ricoh GRIII(x), but I'm not signing up for another year of Lightroom. Does anyone use the newer versions of Elements, and find value in it?
  2. JensM

    Advice Wanted Breaking into Photoshop.

    Fellows, I am somewhat looking to get into photoshop in general to see what it is about, I used it for a stint in the late 90s, very early 00s on PC, but never enough to get it in my fingers, so to speak and mostly for easy editing of scans and later mainly for size adjustments. 😂 Am now...
  3. Tim Williams

    Software Photoshop Crashing

    Totally frustrated with LR and PS CC. When I try to send a pic to PS it crashes , locks up tight and will not open no matter what I do. I have to restart my computer. The work around I found is LR to DxO and then export from DxO , but not to PS. I have to edit in DxO which isn't all bad it's...
  4. Cameraderie Bot

    Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) What is Creative Cloud Photography plan? The Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan brings amazing photography apps directly to your desktop and mobile devices. It includes Lightroom so you can easily edit...
  5. AndyMcD

    Capture One (moving from LR)

    Okay, so I got back from a week long trip where I had my laptop so processed pictures as I went - using LR/PS and Silver Efex. Towards the end of the week I started to notice worms, and lots of them - even at 100% which didn't seem to be the case previously. I think that if I turn of all...
  6. Kevin

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 for $69 ($30 off full price) until Jan 6, 2019

    Adobe is running a sale on Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 for $69.99 which comes out to $30 off of the normal $99.99 price. Adobe's materials are showing an end date of Jan 6 for the sale price.