1. Bozzie


    Koi in a pond with plants and apples, taken at Penshurst place, Kent, England 9mm
  2. pictogramax

    Nature The pond

    I find this utterly beautiful. And as it is photography-inspired, I thought it wouldn't hurt to share it here:
  3. hooferinsane

    Nature On Golden Pond

    A frosty early morning at the local duck pond a few years back
  4. davect01

    Birds Duck pond shots

    Shots with my Sigma 19mm. Had the F3 in "Sport" mode.
  5. SIJ Day 6

    SIJ Day 6

    If you ever hear me complain about where I live just point me to this picture, OK?
  6. Sunset Barn and Pond

    Sunset Barn and Pond