1. Nuskyn

    Show your "Blending Portrait"

    Not an original idea of mine, but I came across this somewhere online and tried it... A nice piece of texture ( treebark ) combined with a tough face and then trying to make a nice blend of both... I'm happy with the result ! Please add your work !
  2. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Advice Wanted Requesting advice and tips for photographing a wedding

    Hello, a friend of mine asked me (wellore like volunteered me at emotional gun point) to photograph her wedding, it's not going to be a big event, just a main family and a couple of friends at the legal office and at home before that. She specifically wanted not a professional because it's going...
  3. gryphon1911

    Nick and Kourtney

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  4. DekHog


    I don't normally take photos of kids as young as this, but since it was a request from a friend I made an exception yesterday.....
  5. TNcasual

    Winter Fungus Portraits

    A few days ago my son went for a walk in a local county park. He came back with several phone shots of mushrooms. It has been a warm winter so far, so the fungi have been taking advantage and coming out all over. It took me a few days, but I finally had some time to go out to the park...
  6. Bobby Tingle

    A boy and his chicken

  7. gryphon1911

    Branton and Alaina - Engagement Pics

    My Nephew and his fiance. DxO Filmpack 5 processed with Agfa Vista 200 film simulation. Wish the weather was better, but you do what you gotta do with what Ohio gives you this time of year!! :) Used the Z6 with the Z 24-70/S and Tamron 70-200G2 on the FTZ. eye-AF used with AF-C and low...
  8. Bobby Tingle

    Shotgun wedding

    This is from a wedding I shot a long time ago.
  9. christilou

    Dog & Girl ......

    Ro wanted some of her and the dog ..... too pink? Never ending battle of the white balance!
  10. mnhoj

    Gabe at 5, 10 and 15

  11. mnhoj

    Headshot exercise white backdrop

    Four light set up. AD300 in 64" PLM camera right, AD300 with wing umbrella front lower, AD300 with ADS60 camera left 180 from main light slightly behind subject and AD100 with round dome(a little too hot) on white V-Flat.
  12. davect01

    Easter Portraits with the kid

    Portraits with the kid and her cousin A6400 and 50mm and 18-135mm
  13. Bobby Tingle

    Kylo Ren and a star struck fan

    I shot this at a show where a group of local cosplayers had set up a charity fundraising area for Kosair Children's Hospital. Calling it Heroes for Kosair. Aside from from being able to help them out by taking photos. This shot in particular made the entire day worth it. A little guy who was...
  14. Bobby Tingle

    Window Light

    Window light is still my favorite.
  15. davect01

    Cousin Valentine Shoot

    We spent some time at our local park with a cousin and her mom. The stuffed dog was not supposed to be part of the shoot but the little one would not let it go so we went with it. I am not a Pro Portrait shooter so be gentle.
  16. Bobby Tingle

    Christmas portrait 2020

  17. mnhoj

    On or off camera lighting and things

    An informal place to post portraits, products, and practice with all things flash. Techniques, modifiers, gear, etc. Please join me with your thoughts, tips and creations. My dad. An exercise with my new to me V-flat. In this case as a small footprint, easy to up and down black backdrop - I...
  18. Bobby Tingle

    Some Star Wars portraits

    To go with all the announcements from Disney today
  19. gryphon1911

    Portraits for Friends

    A few from a portrait shoot today for friends. Mixture of Z6 and Z35/1.8, Z50/1.8 and adapted f-mount 85mm f/1.8. Natural lighting, no reflectors or strobes. Ran them through Lightroom and Portrait Pro 18. No face sculpting, only some image warmth and slight blemish removal and skin tone...
  20. davect01

    Halloween Fun

    We had as much of a fun time as we could considering the Covid Pandemic A6400 and 50mm SEL A6400 and 18-135mm
  21. Bobby Tingle

    Halloween Portraits 2020

  22. davect01

    Baptismal Portraits

    Baptismal Photoshoot with our adopted daughter. It's been a crazy, exciting Summer and Fall. Her Birthday in Aug, adoption in Sept and baptism this Friday. All amidst Covid concerns and hybrid schooling A6400. 50mm SEL all-natural light outside and 18-135mm SEL and flash inside.
  23. Bobby Tingle

    This is my boomstick!

  24. William Lewis

    Found this earlier tonight...

    It came up at a different website, for a different reason. But still, I have a tiny handful of photos that I know exactly where and when they were made and with which cameras and lenses. They are the exceptions as most blur into the nothingness of memory. But those ones I do? Thank you, god...
  25. Bobby Tingle

    Box of toys

  26. Bobby Tingle

    Because I have chickens, and lights

  27. Bobby Tingle

    Trying out a 38" deep parabolic soft box

    Well, Adorama calls it a softbox. But its actually round.
  28. drd1135

    New Swing

  29. davect01

    4th of July Portraits

    Took some quick shots before we had some BBQ A6400 and 50mm SEL Forgive the reflections on the glasses, I'll have to remove them later.
  30. drd1135

    Even More Grandchildren

  31. drd1135

    More Grandchildren

    I took a bunch of photos this weekend but could only post two in the Day by Day thread. Here are the rest.
  32. mnhoj

    Using a neutral gray backdrop with blending modes for portraits

    I intend to make a series of portraits of my parents generation, aunts and uncles. So I wanted a portable consistent backdrop. I really like the Annie Leibovitz using a custom Oliphant backdrop style look. The backdrops while absolutely stunning are pricey. Maybe one day. So I use a Wescott...
  33. drd1135

    My New Grandson

    Not so new at two months, but I finally got to see him this weekend.
  34. Bobby Tingle

    Star Wars Day

  35. davect01

    Spring Time Portraits

    Being bored we did some more random backyard portraits A6400 and 50mm SEL
  36. davect01

    A few fun Easter portrait Shots

    We had a quick Easter photoshoot with the kid yesterday. These ones were fun. A6400 and 50mm SEL
  37. gryphon1911

    My Wife and Some Extensive Post Processing

    Every now and again, I’ll just go off the deep end on a portrait and just let myself go crazy with the post processing. this started out as an iPhone11 portrait mode shot and found its way through Snapseed, Hipstamatic Tintype. just experimenting and having fun. original image: processed...
  38. Bobby Tingle

    Wing umbrella lighting

    I've posted about getting wing umbrellas in the gear acquisition thread. But never shown why I like them or what they do as a light modifier. The wing umbrella has become one of my all time favorite modifiers. Its lightweight and extremely easy to set up, being that it is an umbrella. But it is...
  39. Biro

    Astro Selfie

  40. Bobby Tingle

    Christmas portraits of the kiddos

  41. Bobby Tingle

    My Christmas self portrait

  42. Bobby Tingle

    Fun winter portrait

  43. davect01

    Christmas Portraits

    We were at a Christmas concert and they had this photo booth set up so of course, we had to take a few A6000 and 18-135mm
  44. Bobby Tingle

    35mm(50) vs 50(75) for portraits

    So, this isn’t another typical which focal length is better for portrait work. That discussion has been beaten to death, resurrected, and beaten to death. In the Fuji lineup I’ve been able to shoot great portraits with nearly every lens they make Recently, in an effort to simplify down my kit...
  45. Bobby Tingle

    My Apprentice

  46. Covey22

    Anatomy of a Hero Shot

    My oldest has been developing her "eye." Three shots that show how how she evolved this shot. All with my RX100M3 at RI Comic Con. And yes, for the record, the person holding the Death Star plans usually doesn't survive the end of the film. 😁
  47. davect01

    Halloween Fun

    Did a very quick photo shoot with the little goul before heading out for the night. A6000 and 20mm Getting ready She was having a blast and really getting into the role (Not sure where the camera was focusing but I still love this one)
  48. Bobby Tingle

    Halloween portraits 2019 edition

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  49. TraamisVOS

    A self-portrait, if you will.

  50. Bobby Tingle

    First run using the V Flat

    First round of shooting using the Monolith as it is now known. Thanks to my friend Andy for pointing out that similarity. I know there were some people on here who had no idea what this thing was, let alone how it would be used. I love that I can be set up and shooting with this thing in 5-10...