1. rayvonn

    Documentary Post your Police pics here

    It's all the same around the world, so the images will all be largely the same won't they? Well maybe not, let's find out. Are those policemen in Amsterdam really that chill? Do policemen in certain parts of America really consume doughnuts and drink coffee all day? Do the policemen in London...
  2. ErichH

    Feedback How do I get rid of the "New Post (Flash)" notifications??

    Well, maybe I'm stupid, or just half blind, but is there any way to get rid of the "red little square with a number in it that is on top of the little picture of a flash" at the top of the window representing "What's New"? This number indicates how many new posts and threads that's been posted...
  3. B

    Feedback Peculiar lay-out mails about new post

    I hope this is the right place to post this kind of question. I receive email notifications about new posts in watched threads. As requested. I was wondering about the lay-out though. There is always a big grey box and then the new post. Is that by design or is there an issue somewhere? I'll...
  4. gryphon1911

    My Wife and Some Extensive Post Processing

    Every now and again, I’ll just go off the deep end on a portrait and just let myself go crazy with the post processing. this started out as an iPhone11 portrait mode shot and found its way through Snapseed, Hipstamatic Tintype. just experimenting and having fun. original image: processed...
  5. Lightmancer

    Vision 2020 - please form an orderly queue to the right of this post

    So, those who have been paying attention over the festivities will know that I asked if there was going to be a SiJ next month. The short answer is no, there isn't, but for those who have new toys to try, or just have an itchy shutter finger, we have Vision 2020 instead. To mark the start of...
  6. Cameraderie

    Guide How to mark your Classifieds post as "Completed"

    Cameraderie community members are able to post for free classifieds threads for items that they are selling, buying, or looking to trade. When your transactions is completed it is up to the member who created the classifieds post to mark the transaction as complete. Marking the item as...
  7. Bobby Tingle

    Feedback Best place to post musicians and performances?

    Which forum would be the best place to post bands playing, and other performances? I was going to post one this morning. Then realized I, and a couple of others who post bands, dancers, etc. Post those threads in different areas. I thought about the color photo section. But my shots are usually...
  8. Jock Elliott

    Slick post processing with two programs

    Shot this today at Peebles Island: crow waaaaaay up in a tree and heavily backlit. So I ran it through DXO 11's backlighting correction: then sky enhancement from Luminar 3: I think I like the result. Cheers, Jock
  9. Ornate farm gate and post

    Ornate farm gate and post