1. mnhoj

    Sony Showcase Tamron budget F2.8 primes

    Sharp, cheap, lightweight and close focus. They could be smaller and focus could be smoother. The 24. A crop.
  2. MoonMind

    Nikon Showcase Nikon Z f/1.8 Primes

    For each camera system, there's always talk about a "Holy Trinity" of primes the existence of which can actually define that system. Well, Nikon has done a fabulous job providing a solid set of affordable (though not exactly cheap), sufficiently compact primes, all of which share a maximum...
  3. mike3996

    Of Primes and Men

    I figured the world needed one more primes-vs-zooms discussion. I also figure there are at least five classes of zoom lenses out there. Standard zooms (24-70; 24-120) UWA zooms (14-24; 16-35) Mid-tele zooms (70-200; 80-300) Supertelezooms (100-400; 150-600) Superzooms (28-300; 24-200) I'm a...