1. Brownie

    Sony I don’t own a single Sony prime

    Which is probably not news given my propensity for cheap and that I only use primes when needed. My selection consists of a Samyang 24/1.8 and 35/1.4, Minolta 50/1.7 and 85/1.4 A-mounts, and a Rokinon 135/1.8. Sonys supposedly focus faster, and the crippling of 3rd party lenses to 15FPS is...
  2. Aushiker

    Advice Wanted Fujifilm Primes v Olympus Primes [Not Pro lenses]

    Just musing at the moment but this recent decision by Craig Roberts to switch from Olympus to Fujifilm has got me thinking (or wasting time). Not sure which as yet. Anyway ignoring the body, for now, I am interested in thoughts on the Fujinon XF series primes versus the non-pro Olympus...
  3. mnhoj

    Sony Showcase Tamron budget F2.8 primes

    Sharp, cheap, lightweight and close focus. They could be smaller and focus could be smoother. The 24. A crop.
  4. MoonMind

    Nikon Showcase Nikon Z f/1.8 Primes

    For each camera system, there's always talk about a "Holy Trinity" of primes the existence of which can actually define that system. Well, Nikon has done a fabulous job providing a solid set of affordable (though not exactly cheap), sufficiently compact primes, all of which share a maximum...
  5. mike3996

    Of Primes and Men

    I figured the world needed one more primes-vs-zooms discussion. I also figure there are at least five classes of zoom lenses out there. Standard zooms (24-70; 24-120) UWA zooms (14-24; 16-35) Mid-tele zooms (70-200; 80-300) Supertelezooms (100-400; 150-600) Superzooms (28-300; 24-200) I'm a...