1. drd1135

    DPR article on image transfer apps I’m thinking we should just print them out and mail them.
  2. Taneli

    Nikon 3D Print Nikon Accessories

    Couldn't find a general thread, but found a thread for Fuji. So I thought I might as well could create a thread for Nikon accessories as well. Feel free to post information/links to other models or your own! There is alot out there
  3. S

    Having trouble when you print? Could be your HDMI cable!

    I watched this last week, ordered a VGA cable, and the difference is profound. After recalibration, my prints are now very much closer to what I see on the screen. They were always much darker than the screen
  4. Brownie

    Advice Wanted How big will these print?

    A recent mistake has me a bit concerned. I shot a bunch of photos that were supposed to be 33MP but they ended up around 14MP. The guides for printing on the internet all seem to err on the side of caution. In the past I've had excellent results from 20MP M-4/3 at either 24" X 30" or 24" x 36"...
  5. Covey22

    Fuji 3D Print Fuji Accessories

    Found this link originally on Fuji Rumors. For those of you who are 3D Printer savvy, you can print things like socket caps, battery terminal covers, a lens hood, etc.
  6. drd1135

    Print your Camera I find this very cool.
  7. Chris2500dk

    Just put a very big print on my wall

    I decided it was time to redecorate the living room wall. It's an 8 metre wall with no windows or doors in it, and it's just begging for a big print. This is five 80x120cm (32"x48") canvas prints combined in a 400x120cm (13' by 4') panorama, and it looks awesome :) The source image is a single...
  8. Kevin

    Canon Canon is getting into the instant print market with "Ivy Cliq" & "Ivy Cliq+"

    In the "everyone has a Fuji now" thread it came up that I, along with some others, had no idea just how popular the Fuji Instax cameras were. Driving home the point even more Canon is now getting into the "lifestyle product" market with the Ivy Cliq. New Canon IVY CLIQ+ and CLIQ Instant...
  9. SIJ - Day 31

    SIJ - Day 31

    With billions of people on earth we all want to leave behind a foot print. A foot print to be remembered, our "15 minutes of fame". Also this is a foot print for each and every photographer who participated in this SIJ project. I have seen remarkable photographs and people getting...