1. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Help with a flare problem

    Is this the flare problem I've read about with Sony cameras and 'wide' angle lenses? Thing is, it happened when using my 50mm too, not just the 35mm, but to a lessor extent.
  2. Charzes44

    IOS v 16 problem.

    I transfer my photos from my Fujifilm X-T3 to my iPad using the Fujifilm Remote app. Rarely had a problem, until recently. After updating my iPad from v 14 something to v 16.3.1, I am unable to connect with wifi. Bluetooth kicks in, and I transfer my photos without any further problem. My...
  3. Carbonman

    Micro 4/3 Odd Problem With My OM-1s

    (I've posted this on the 'other site' too.) I have an odd problem with both of my OM-1s. I'm not sure what I'm doing to cause it and have found only one way to get back to normal. Occasionally I somehow set the camera to Manual focus and can't get it to go back to S-AF+M by pushing the L-Fn on...
  4. Carbonman

    Excire Cataloging Software Problem

    I posted this on the other mu-43 forum as well. I'm running into a problem with Excire software I just bought. When I try to install it, ZoneAlarm stops it because of an apparent virus Hoax.JS.ExtMsg.a that's included. Any suggestions regarding getting this working without risk? Can I close...
  5. Carbonman

    Software Capture One 22 Update Problem

    I just downloaded the most recent C1 update Win15.3.0 and there's a database problem that prevents it from opening. I suggest waiting a week or so to download the update so they can fix it.
  6. A

    Weird Problem

    Hi, I’m having a weird problem. Part of it stems from my being a technotwit. I set a micro-mini project for myself, so as to learn how to do this simple task. I want to make a few ecards- Valentines, birthdays etc- using some of my images. I chose a couple of items from a shoot in a pro...
  7. D

    Help Problem

    Recently I've gotten the following when opening posts, instead of the usual page format. Any ideas
  8. T

    SOLVED: current problem with Capture 1 v20 and Bitdefender on Win

    Is anyone else who's running Capture 1 v20 on Windows (and Bitdefender) currently experiencing the situation that Bitdefender flagged a C1 dll as infected (&put it into quarantine) and now C1 isn't running anymore? ("Fatal Error ImgCoreDll.dll can't start the crash handler. Try restarting... " )
  9. A

    Problem with mode selector Know how this driver feels; I’m a similar problem with the mode dial on my cam.
  10. Jock Elliott

    Need help with a personal problem

    It's all Andrew Cuomo's fault. Yesterday he decreed that all New Yorkers -- including folks like me in upstate New York -- must have available, or wear, a face mask or covering while out in public. Not having a mask, I opted for a bandanna to cover my mouth and nose. I put on my hat and caught...
  11. R

    Fuji Problem with X100 s

    When using the camera in manual mode, if I change the aperture from 5.6 to 8 the viewfinder, screen and eye, flickers back and forth between the two brightness levels. It seems to expose correctly but the flicker is disconcerting. I hope it is not the beginning of something worse. Any...
  12. Luke

    today's luddite problem

    With each passing day, I am more and more out of touch with "technology". I clicked on something on this forum while browsing using Firefox on a Windows computer and everything is displaying much larger than normal. I assumed it was a browser-related issue, but this magnifying glass phenomena...
  13. drd1135

    Fuji Problem with my XH1

    I again had a problem with the XH1 going into video mode and being unable to get back to stills. As far as I can tell, this should be completely controlled by the dial under the iso dial on the left side of the camera. Changing that dial does not change the mode. I assume this means the...
  14. SRHEdD

    Fuji First World Problem

    My wife surprised me with a trip to Cuba in June. Cuba has always been on my bucket list as a photo destination. I've picked out a backpack, but in trying to pack it lightly for the trip I'm conflicted. I have great gear and I want it ALL to go... stupid of me. So to start, do I go with...
  15. J

    Fuji X-T1 tethering problem with WIN10

    Hi, I also try to ask on this forum. I used Lightroom tethering plugin (purchased from Adobe add-ons) several months without any problem. After upgrade to Win10 plugin does not recognize the camera and X-T1 itself freezes (until the USB cable is plugged in). Has anybody the same experience...
  16. Sony RX100 Sensor Issue

    Sony RX100 Sensor Issue

    Thin corrupted lines along top and bottom of horizontal images, mainly highly textured ones, that consist of thin vertical lines of same color as photo content. Not sure what the cause is. Perhaps a bad sensor, or possibly something to do with Lightroom 5.