1. rayvonn

    Health Matters

    It seems many of us, including me, either discuss or post images about this subject, so I though why not create a thread? Pictorial or discussion, be our guest. This will inevitably cover a range of issues but as a first post (which probably should have been started with my post about my hay...
  2. Brownie

    My county has issued yet another air quality alert for today through Friday

    This no doubt has to do with the Canada wildfires. Nonetheless, they are stating that you should avoid being outdoors. Negative activities include mowing the lawn, fueling your car, etc. Positive activities include biking to work…:unsure:
  3. Mike G

    Pub lunch!

    Although not really a fan of salads, had a very nice blue cheese & pear salad at a pub! Lumix GX8 + PLeica 8-18mm @ 1/320 f6.3 ISO200
  4. George and Dragon

    George and Dragon

  5. Fireplace, Queens Arms, Slapton

    Fireplace, Queens Arms, Slapton

    A welcome sight on a near freezing day
  6. Charlie


    As usual propping up the bar at The Queens Arms, Slapton
  7. Sandra confirming my choice of glass

    Sandra confirming my choice of glass

    Landlady Sandra at The Queens Arms, Slapton confirms with my my choice of usual "Addlestones" glass
  8. SIJ - Day 25   My favourite "barperson"

    SIJ - Day 25 My favourite "barperson"

    This is Mo pulling a pint of Otter Bitter. As some of you will know I make a habit of going to The Queens Arms at Slapton on a Friday for fish and chips and a pint of cider. Well I know today's not Friday and I promise I didn't have any fish (I've got home made fish chowder this evening). It was...
  9. The Queen's Arms, Slapton

    The Queen's Arms, Slapton