1. Robbo

    Nature Purple

  2. MountainMan79

    Color One colour: Purple

    Apparently no thread for this color. Let’s start one.
  3. Stu

    Purple fringes/CAs , Pana to Oly and Oly generally.

    Firstly just let me say that I get a severe emotional reaction to Chromatic Aberration! [even just writing that gives me shivers ] These days I only have Olympus bodies but it seems I have a fondness for Panasonic lenses. I have a 12-35mm version one which I treasure and which just doesn't...
  4. Mike G

    The Purple and Green

    This little cracker comes back every year when winter has departed. Lumix G9 + PL Vario-Elmaret 8-18mm @ 18mm, 1/320 f4 ISO200.
  5. L

    A dramatic storm during sunset flying out of Belize

    Sony RX10 mkii.