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Quick Menu is a graphical user interface for MS-DOS developed by OSCS Software Development, Inc.. Three versions were made: Quick Menu, Quick Menu II and Quick Menu III.In DOS users have to type all commands via the keyboard. By using the cd-command users could navigate through (sub)directories. The dir-command is used to retrieve all files in the current folder. The user had to search for the main startup file. This could be a EXE file, a COM file or a Batch file. An additional issue was that the directory could contain more of such files so it was sometimes unclear which was the main startup file. Normally, the correct startup command was in the manual or in a text file but the user had to remember the folder location and name of this main file.
Quick Menu offered a solution: it is a graphical user environment in which the user could create his own menustructure. In each menu a submenu or some kind of shortcut could be created. In such shortcuts the user had to define the location of the main startup file. Of course, the user had to create the shortcut manually and had to link it with the main startup file once. As from then he easily could navigate through the menu and select the program he wanted to launch.

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