1. Herman

    Dynamic Range

    Which digital cameras (MFT / APS-C / FF) match DR of film cameras?
  2. Leica43

    Leica Showcase Leitz DR (Dual Range) f2/50mm Summicron

    A set of photos from a recent outing with my M3 and DR Summicron with “goggles” attached to photograph within the close up range. Film used was Fuji Color 100 and Kodak HD 200 colour neg film. All made wide open or f2.8. M3 & DR lens photo (Pinterest)
  3. Lightmancer

    Free range, and proud.

    Look, I know that personally I don't work in a big corporate office these days and I have every sympathy for those that do, but look at this... It's real, not a spoof. They are actually selling Tupperware containers for people. I can think of nothing - truly nothing, more misery-making...
  4. signs


    (#37 extra credit, which i definitely am going to need!) Lunch hour bike ride through the city park and I saw this sign at the archery range. Next challenge, I will have to learn archery and then do something here more advanced like launching a camera body, catching flaming arrows (with...