1. mike3996

    Film Compact high end rangefinder recommendations

    I am looking for a compact film camera with compact dimensions and a good lens. Compact; preferably jacket-pocketable A fast 35-40 mm lens, think sub-f/2 rangefinder preferably preferably good metering budget is no great concern We can extend the discussion to autofocusing models as well but...
  2. rayvonn

    Leica New 35mm F1.5 Nokton lens for rangefinder cameras

    They really are knocking them out at the minute aren't they. https://www.cosina.co.jp/voigtlander/en/vm-mount/nokton-vintage-line-35mm-f1-5-aspherical/
  3. M. Valdemar

    Manual Lens Canon Rangefinder 35mm f1.5 Wide Angle Lens is Highly Radioactive

    I was testing some of my vintage Rolex dials for radioactivity with a dosimeter. Out of curiosity, I pulled out some of my rangefinder lenses and tested them. I had one collapsible 50mm Summicron that I was almost positive was radioactive but it was not. So then I tried the 35mm f1.5 Canon and...
  4. mike3996

    Fuji The electronic rangefinder

    Everybody and their dog has been fantasizing about an EVF camera that had a good workable rangefinder view. Sadly I believe it's just about impossible to implement digitally. But has anyone ever considered this feature the other way around? Take an XPro body. Install dual windows in there...
  5. agentlossing

    Film But Really, Which Film Rangefinder Should I Try?

    Hey folks, I have been hankering after a rangefinder for a long time. I have a couple of functioning film SLRs, since that type of camera seems to be overwhelmingly predominant in all thrift stores, antique shops and even on the auction sites, but I don't like the relative clunkiness and...
  6. L

    Canon Canon Rangefinder images

    Canon Hansa of 1937
  7. mike3996

    The rangefinder is not for everybody

    I'm afraid I might belong to the TTL camp after all :oops: Frankly I don't know how to write about this without going to kiloword-long rambles. Feel free to ignore if you don't like rambles. Especially when this all boils down to me not having enough M-time after a busy January. Maybe I'll try...
  8. Brian

    Leica New Canon Rangefinder Site, plus a few extras...

    Larry Huffman is in the process of setting up a new Canon Rangefinder Site, also has some other lenses and cameras from other makers as well. Larry has some Minolta Chiyoko lenses, very little about them on the Internet. The website is: https://www.canonrangefinder.org/ Larry is open to...
  9. MoonMind

    M-Mount PIXII rangefinder with M mount: bold move ...

    I searched the forum for a discussion about this, but it seems to have passed under the radar so far: Discover Pixii Today, they published a couple more specs, and now it's clear it's an APS-C sized sensor - with global electronic shutter (so, silent - and still nor rolling shutter!) and 12MP...
  10. Y

    Film Canon P

    First roll through Canon P. Second roll through with no light meter. Lens is Jupiter 3 (50mm f1.5).
  11. theoldsmithy

    Film Zorki 4 on its way

    After a brain-numbing amount of research, I have ordered a 1971 Zorki 4 from the Ukraine. I'm looking forward ro trying my Jupiter 8 lens on the camera it was meant for :-) Also ordered a Leningrad 4 light meter as I don't have an inbuilt meter in my head yet...