1. Zeus1

    Advice Wanted Adobe Camera Raw and Olympus/Panasonic lens profiles

    In ACR, under the tab Optics, there is a setting where You can choose a lens profile. Why are there no profiles for Olympus and Panasonic? Any suggestion which profile can be used instead of a specific one?
  2. gryphon1911

    Nikon Nikon D80 Processed From RAW Using 70-300/4-5.6G

    Companion thread to the similarly titled, but monochrome. Processed the RAW files in Lightroom and Topaz Photo AI for denoise and sharpening. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  3. S

    On1 Photo Raw 2023 vs ACDSee and Topaz Photo AI combo 2023

    Attached is a photo of a photo that I processed both in On1 Photo Raw and in ACDSee with sharpening and Denoise handled by Topaz Photo AI. I tried to duplicate the same overall luminance and color in both, and "sorta" tried to duplicate the cropping level. Shot with an Olympus EM10 and a kit...
  4. Darmok N Jalad

    Fuji Your Fuji photo editor of choice?

    I've been checking out various softwares for editing RAFs from my X-T3. I'm curious what other Fuji shooters are using since the X-Trans sensor seems to not be handled so equally. I like ON1 2023 for overall output and ease of use, but it's a bit sluggish on MacOS. It can use the default film...
  5. wt21

    Fuji Does XT5 allow for lower res RAW?

    Does the XT5 have an option to save Raw files at lower res than native 40MP? If not, how's Fuji's compressed Raw?
  6. B

    Canon converting RAW to JPEG

    I have begun to take pretty decent astro shots, but need solid no nonsense way to convert RAW to JPEG I use a Windows laptop and Canon EOS R5 primarily. any real help would be great. Thank You
  7. Stu

    Post Processing RAW [dng] from Pixel 6a Files

    Just bought my wife a Pixel 6a phone. From all reports they output reasonably good pics, albeit heavily worked over in phone. It seems it is also possible to export photos as DNG files. I'm wondering if the DNG file is going to be minus all the in-phone tuning and whether it would be simpler to...
  8. Glevum Owl

    Apple iPhone - Non-Pro Models - RAW Shooting Apps

    Despite my delight at the quality of images from the family's iPhones, there have been occasions when I've either been disappointed by the processing of the images (too garish) or wanted to rescue an image but been unable to (there's only so much that can be done with a HEIC or JPEG file). I've...
  9. R

    RAW processing for Olympus M5 Mk3 images

    Hi as I have a good tax rebate I decided to update my M5 Mk2 to the Mk3 as people are telling me it's a good upgrade. I didn't think to check about software however, and as I use a standalone version of Lightroom 6.14, it seems the RAW files aren't supported. I'm aware there's a free...
  10. Tim Williams

    Pentax Pentax RAW files

    Which program or programs do you use to download Pentax RAW files. I guess it will be DNG's as PEF's seem to be trouble for most people. I shot 8 or 10 Raw's and none of them loaded.
  11. Amin

    Smartphone Showcase A couple Samsung S20 Ultra snaps converted from raw

    My daughter is 6 now and obliged me to test out the new phone camera.
  12. bilzmale

    Infrared Images Comparison of various IR wavelength filters. Processsed from RAW.

    The 5 RAW images in the previous post are processed as follows: 1. In Adobe Camera Raw apply a pre-prepared camera profile which is based on a custom IR white balance. 2. In ACR use the eyedropper to set local WB from a neutral area. 3. In PS use the Channel Mixer to swap the Red and Blue...
  13. bilzmale

    Infrared Images Comparison of various IR wavelength filters. RAW.

    As I've mentioned I own a full spectrum converted infrared camera so it 'sees' most of the ultraviolet and infrared range of light (deliberately blocked in a normal camera) as well as the visible spectrum. You can limit this to parts of the visible + infrared spectrum by using external filters...
  14. mike3996

    Fuji Fuji raw highlight headroom?

    Leica has little to none headroom in the highlights, Olympus has at least a stop. How do the newer Fujis (X-Trans 3/4) possess highlight recoverability? I know I could be downloading sample files and playing with them myself but I don't know the shooting conditions behind the samples, and...
  15. S

    Software help for editing newbie!

    OK.... I've been taking photos for over 20 years and when digital came, I slowly embraced it and realized its potential. The thing is, I have never gotten into shooting in RAW or editing of any kind (I just stuck with JPEG and got some good results so never got round to the more complex...
  16. Fadzai Saungweme

    Micro 4/3 LX100 RAW Picture Profiles

    As you all might know, Lightroom only supports the Adobe standard color calibration profile which is extremely muted and flat. What do you guys use in your Lightroom settings to get your images to appear as they do on the camera display? I've spent all day looking for a solution, and I can't...
  17. MatthiasX

    Fuji XT2 RAF files on iPad - Import works but without showing pictures

    Hi to all! I'm new to fuji and my brand new xt2 has arrived this weekend and I'm pretty happy. But there is one thing: I am very interested in importing the raw files via SD-Adapter to my ipad for editingt in lightroom mobile one the go. There is a tutorial by Elia Locardi on Petapixel and...
  18. Lyceum Theater Sheffield UK from Raw

    Lyceum Theater Sheffield UK from Raw