1. Zeus1

    Advice Wanted Replacement for a Panasonic GM5

    Apart from my Olympus cameras, I also used a Pany GM5 for more casual shooting, a daily carry around camera. Unfortunately the GM5 is dying (touch screen no longer working, several settings lo longer available). Won't send it in to the Pany repair shop over in Portugal: IMO repair will be...
  2. Glevum Owl

    Advice Wanted Lapel Mic Recommendation

    I sometimes use an Olympus LS P4 voice recorder as a video microphone on my Olympus OM-D EM5iii. This picks up ambient sound way better than the camera's built in mic(s). A friend's just asked me to record a few teaching videos for her clients and I need a lapel mic for the LS P4. I'm in the...
  3. Cederic


    Just wanted to share that I've now bought a number of items from and if you're in the UK, I totally and unreservedly recommend them. They're just exceedingly professional and reliable. I bought my last two cameras (E-M1.2 and OM-1) from them, and this year I've bought over...