1. G

    Adapting a slide duplicator for using with a macro lens

    Having accumulated many 35-mm slides from the film days, I wanted to digitize them. I found that using my flat-bed scanner to do that would be quite onerous. I bought a camera-mounted slide duplicator on Ebay that appears to be identical to this...
  2. Brian

    Homemade Tool for removing Namerings without Spanner Slots.- Filter Cases

    I have a lot of filters, and a box of the empty cases that they come in. I picked up an AF-Nikkor 24/2.8 with a marred front element for under $50, and had an Ais Nikkor 24/2.8 with bad rear group. The two lenses have the same optics, but the fixtures are different. The AF-Nikkor has a namering...
  3. P

    Advice Wanted Sewing a bag, needs input.

    So, I just made a quick and ugly , but functional filterpouch with some leftovers from an ongoing jacket project I am making. Got inspired to make a bag, thinking about what I would like to carry and the main problems with commercial bags. For me, that is mostly room for all the other stuff I...
  4. R

    Advice Wanted How to clean polycarbonate camera body

    I am currently selling my Canon gear as have changed to Olympus. I notice the body of the M5 is sort of faded in places, and I'm wondering how I can restore this to pristine, or near enough? It has never been dropped or anything, and not used fr at least year, and stored in a waterproof...
  5. Carbonman

    Protection SD Card Wallet Caddie

    I'm going on a big wildlife photography trip and have been searching for a compact SD card holder that would ideally fit in my wallet. I haven't been able to find anything compact enough. I thought gluing SD card cases to a piece of .030" styrene plastic from my model making days would work...
  6. DeeJayK

    Advice Wanted Intro to camera repair resources

    I've got a few old film cameras lying around that I'm interested in playing around with and trying to repair/ refurbish. I'm reasonably handy, but I've never really done much in the way of camera repair. I'm hoping someone can recommend some resources — books, videos, online courses, websites...
  7. G


    Hi everybody : I recently downloaded the "free" version of Photopea. It has some nice features. My question is on how to CLONE a part of a photo, and COPY that part into another part of the photo. I tried the CLONE tool. And it didn't seem to work. I then tried COPY and PASTE. I...
  8. U

    Advice Wanted Voigtlander Bessa R3A Advance Lever Reattachment

    Hello! First post here. I need some assistance. Recently pack my Bessa R3A in my camera bag and after arriving to my destination, realized the advance lever had been knocked completely off the camera. Does anyone have experience reattaching/reinstalling the components of the advance lever? I...
  9. Lawrence A.

    Sony Sony Repair

    My Sony a7II seems to have bit the dust. I get the dreaded "Camera Error Turn off camera and power on", which does precisely nothing. I think it is the sensor cleaner mechanism, since if, after repeated restarts and repeated little moves to the sensor cleaner mode, the sensor will not shake when...
  10. jssaraiva

    Nikon Repair Nikkor 10.5cm f/2.5 ltm

    Hi, any tips on where to repair this lens in Europe? One of the blades is apparently lose. Thanks!
  11. ektar

    Advice Wanted Tool for front of 72mm filter thread lens

    Greets; hopefully this generates some advice. I have an older telephoto lens with 72mm front filter thread. I need to remove the trim ring to access the front element. I can buy a set of the rubber tools to do that, but I can't find just a 72. Any suggestions as to what sort of cylindrical...
  12. MiguelATF

    Advice Wanted Damaged LCD screen on Olympus Stylus 1S - need Repair Advice

    The lightly-used Olympus Stylus 1S I bought recently has just experienced a major problem - part of the rear LCD screen seems to have frozen. It looks like this: The part of the video image still visible behind the weird lines still seems to focus and unfocus but obviously the LCD screen...
  13. phigmov

    Pi Zero in a Film Camera

    Spotted on Youtube... going to be interesting to see more of these things crop up as home-brew items now 3D printing is more available. Only a teeny-tiny sensor and no shutter-button connection sadly.
  14. agentlossing

    What Is the Best Way to Adhere New Light Seal Foam?

    I noticed my beat-up Olympus XA that I just acquired has significant light leaks in the first roll of film I developed. No surprise, as the old foam is just straight up moldy goo now. I searched around today and found a sheet of dark-colored foam that came in the box with a pair of headphones...
  15. E

    sonic cleaning old shutter

    I am cleaning a TLR mamiya 80 mm lens and was wondering if it is safe to sonic clean it, using a ultra sonic cleaner that you normally use for jewellery and watches. Not just the slow gear escapement (which i cleaned wiht lighter fluid but it is simply is not clean enough). So i was thinknig in...
  16. Giachen

    Minolta Hi-matic 9 Shutter cable release not working

    Hi everyone, I just got a Hi Matic 9 a few days ago. I wanted to use it with a cable release today and found out I am unable to release the shutter when pressing the cable. Does anyone know where the problem could be?
  17. Brian

    Macrium Reflect, stand-alone Backup, and when Windows Repair Fails- "Unscheduled System Restore" I started using Macrium Reflect several years ago after making 512GByte FAT-32 disks that could dual-boot DOS and Windows XP for working on embedded systems. Figured out how to Defy Microsoft's artificial limits on FAT-32 drives, but it was not easy and took...
  18. Jadon.Rosado

    Leica Leica M9 sensor repair

    Hello, I’m sure people are already tired of hearing about this particular issue but I might as well get this out there. But first a brief background of who I am, My name is Jadon Rosado I’m a camera technician currently working for a shop in Oregon. I’ve been repairing cameras professionally...
  19. Brian

    Minolta AL-E, removing Top Cover to clean the Viewfinder.

  20. Brian

    Minolta Himatic 9: Flood Cleaning Shutter and Cleaning Viewfinder, also applies to the 7, 7s, and 11.

    I bought this camera in 1969, my first 35mm camera, and a whole Summer of mowing Lawns. I was 11. The viewfinder had enough haze built up to make focusing difficult- last CLA was 1976. Time to clean it, I'm a lot better at fixing cameras than I was in 1976. Tools required: Flat Head...
  21. Covey22

    Nikon Nikon ending Authorized Repair Program 03/31/2020 So now it's down to Melville NY and Los Angeles. I miss the days where I could ring up Melville and order end-user installable parts, like the time I bought a missing Tripod Collar for my used 80-200 AFS. I doubt this...
  22. phigmov

    Film Film Camera Repair Channel

    Pretty sure I've posted this elsewhere before but a few more videos are out from the Fix Old Cameras channel - I'm a little surprised by the plastic Minolta gears in the middle video - you could totally imagine stripping those but maybe they're sturdier than they look... More over here Fix...
  23. radi(c)al_cam

    Leica Are There Skilled Hobby Repair Persons Here?

    I'm not sure whether this is probably to an extent a «WTB» question, nevertheless I guess I'm not the only one having that problem: There are too many half-defective photographic items at home — say 1. some were inherited but have been poorly stored over decades, say 2. some were bought in good...