1. J

    Street Diners and Dives - The Road Island Diner

    Was located in a small Utah town, Oakley Utah, and has since closed. Evidently local help was in short supply and the owners worked themselves out of a business. Food was excellent and I've included a photo of a family eating fried chicken. Miss this diner as it was always an enjoyable stop...
  2. SteveBrickNJ

    Food "On the Road"

    This forum thread is designed for photos of food you did NOT prepare yourself. Restaurant food you enjoyed or any "Food on the Road".
  3. SiJ 2015 Day 15

    SiJ 2015 Day 15

    The Green Bean, Exeter, New Hampshire
  4. SiJ 2015 Day 14

    SiJ 2015 Day 14

    Applebee's, Epping, New Hampshire
  5. SiJ 2015 Day 7

    SiJ 2015 Day 7

    Formichelli's, Stratham, New Hampshire