1. serhan

    Ricoh Warpe

    370 million voxels :) リコー、現実空間に全方位映像を投影する装置 デジタルサイネージ用途で開発 2022年度中の実用化目指す Ricoh Co., Ltd. announced on March 8 that it will develop a projection device that can project omnidirectional images in real space and start market exploration under the "WARPE" brand. First of all, it is seeking...
  2. Coksic

    Ricoh A gift (GR II)

    I got this one (the GR II) as a present, used of course. In good condition - almost perfect. There is a dust spot on the sensor - only one so far. I haven't used a point and shoot camera since I traded my Samsung NX1000, 5 years ago, so it feels like back to beginnings, in a way. I don't have a...
  3. agentlossing

    Pentax Interview with Ricoh CEO - GR and Pentax DSLR

    I thought this recent interview with Alfa Romeo was pretty interesting. Ricoh/Pentax has said it before, but they are doubling down on manufacturing not for the masses, but for serious hobbyists and those who know what they want. I think the GR III success has cemented this strategy for them...
  4. agentlossing

    Ricoh (Patent Rumor) New Ricoh Compacts with Prime Lenses? This is exciting to me. Regardless of whether it's released under the GR name or as a Pentax or whatever, I'm always for more fixed lens prime compact options. These...
  5. agentlossing

    Ricoh (Post Yours) Ricoh GR Hi-contrast B&W

    A few street images from walking around yesterday. There's a definite influx of tourists again, and as a local I have mixed feelings, even more mixed than usual this year with Corona-concerns. Sticking to the open air and not touching much most likely keeps me safe, but I feel for business...
  6. MiguelATF

    Ricoh My new (to me) 11-year-old Ricoh GRD iii

    Well, call me foolish for buying an 11-year-old camera with a tiny sensor, but after years of admiring from a distance the photos which Wouter Brandsma, Josh White (aka jtinseoul) and occasionally Eric Kim have taken or used to take with this little Ricoh, I couldn't resist when I found one in...
  7. G

    Pentax Ricoh Announcement - update K-3 Mk III new info

    Ricoh is making an announcement regarding the rumored APS-C flagship at their event on the 21st. Even includes what looks like a prototype photo. I'm cautiously optimistic. TOKYO, September 20, 2019-RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. is pleased to announce a preview showing of the PENTAX K mount...
  8. agentlossing

    Film Ricoh 500G with HP5+ Developed w/DF96 Monobath

    Lots of photos below. I took this roll of HP5+ early this year in Portland Oregon, and it took me a long time to get around to doing anything with it, since I wanted to teach myself to develop B&W myself. Which I did, going the easy route of monobath developer. Happy with how some of these shots...
  9. Biro

    Ricoh Ricoh GR III Firmware 1.20 Update
  10. rayvonn

    Ricoh The Ricoh GR III Image Thread (Showcase)

    Ok, I'll get this started, post 'em here.... Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Wolli Creek by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr Untitled by Otim, on Flickr
  11. agentlossing

    Ricoh Ricoh GR III There it is, the real deal.
  12. john m flores

    Ricoh Ricoh Theta!

    Any other Thetanauts* here? Share your photos! These two images are from the same original photo Long Branch, NJ by John Flores, on Flickr Long Branch, NJ by John Flores, on Flickr * I just made that up.
  13. N

    Ricoh Your thoughts please! New member from New Zealand.

    Going to San Fransisco in September this year and want to leave my heavier camera gear at home. I do not want to look like a tourist. What I would like to know from this forum what do you think about aquiring an Ricoh GR camera. Being a fixed 28mm equiv lens would it be OK for cityscapes etc...
  14. N

    Micro 4/3 New Member, from Middle Earth- New Zealand

    Hi there! Looking for some input from forum members. Going to San Fransisco in September of this year and would like to leave my heavier cameras at home and I don't really want to look like a tourist. I was thinking about purchasing a Ricoh GR 11 Camera. Do you think it would be a good idea for...
  15. GR in Bristol

    GR in Bristol

    A set of images taken around Bristol docks and some of the streets using the Ricoh GR
  16. GR in Bristol

    GR in Bristol

    A set of images taken around Bristol docks and some of the streets using the Ricoh GR
  17. GR in Bristol

    GR in Bristol

    A set of images taken around Bristol docks and some of the streets using the Ricoh GR
  18. GR in Bristol

    GR in Bristol

    A set of images taken around Bristol docks and some of the streets using the Ricoh GR
  19. Jan 31- Tragic Life Stories

    Jan 31- Tragic Life Stories

    This is one of those things in life that I simply don't understand. This is a section in one of the biggest bookshop/stationers in the UK. I freely admit that I can't see the "entertainment" in reading about other peoples miserable lives, battered wives, orphaned children...
  20. Jan 30 - Back to Leitz, back to reality...

    Jan 30 - Back to Leitz, back to reality...

    ...with apologies to Jazzie B and the rest of Soul 2 Soul ;0) So. This is my usual weapon of choice for funtime street shooting. No plastic, no batteries, no artificial aids, no safety net. Just brass and glass. If I get it right I have only myself to praise. If I get it wrong, I have...
  21. Jan 29 - Lily

    Jan 29 - Lily

    Pure and simple. Edward Weston, are you listening...?
  22. Jan 28 - Flag, Stone...

    Jan 28 - Flag, Stone...

    This is about as "found" a "still life" as I think you can get... It is a manhole cover outside a shop in Guildford, Surrey, England. The passage of many feet over the years has pressed the metal down onto the frame underneath to create the Union Jack impression. I composed...
  23. Nearly There

    Nearly There

    Another still-life, sorry. The calendar was my grandfather's. The propelling pencil belonged to my mother. It's GPO-issue. It has a big knob on the end to use on rotary dial 'phones. She ran a telephone exchange in the 1950s. The note pad is from a hotel in Singapore. The 'phone... can you...
  24. Strung out

    Strung out

    Driven a couple of hundred miles today. Started early, got home late. All day customer meeting... in Birmingham. Sometimes when I'm stressed I play with this. It's a 5-string bass - sinistral. The lowest string is deep enough to make small dogs within a 100-yard radius lose all bowel...
  25. Jan 25 - Ceci n'est pas une paysage

    Jan 25 - Ceci n'est pas une paysage

    With apologies to Rene Magritte... ;0) I have had 2 or 3 goes at this one. I knew the effect I wanted to achieve, but this is the first that I have been happy with.
  26. Jan 24 - His and Hers

    Jan 24 - His and Hers

    I was away last night, got home late tonight. I've had this idea for a while, but decided to make it real this evening. I have size 14 feet, whilst my beloved has size 5... She doesn't wear these all the time, btw...
  27. Jan 23 - Out of Focus

    Jan 23 - Out of Focus

    Hello. Sorry I'm late with yesterday's assignment. I'll do lines to make up. This one may need explaining to non-UK readers... "Focus DoItAll" (known in our household as "Focus Buggerall") was a DIY store that went under last year. The shadow left by the sign seems...
  28. Jan 22 - Duelling Bibliophiles

    Jan 22 - Duelling Bibliophiles

    The two men circled the table of books, each watching the other as they moved. Hunt - peck - select - discard... The game went on. Neither had a clear advantage... so much to choose from... but neither would back down until one had found that special copy of Thomas the Tank Engine...
  29. Oranges and Lemons

    Oranges and Lemons

    Time for another still-life. These wooden bowls are everywhere in the Canary Islands. They pack flat then concertina out when you get them home - the ideal keepsake. By the time you read this these two will be mixed into a cake; it's one of those days.
  30. Jan 20 - Into the light

    Jan 20 - Into the light

    Some days it all just gets a little too much. Some days you just want to be alone, with your thoughts. You want the world to stop bothering you. Staring into space, staring into yourself, holding back the night.
  31. Jan 19 - Running on Empty

    Jan 19 - Running on Empty

    Many miles travelled, many miles to go. Running on empty...
  32. Jan 18 - Money

    Jan 18 - Money

    Ok, so maybe you have to be a Pink Floyd fan (or at least aware of their back catalogue) to get today's paronomasiac title pun. The juxtaposition just amused me - a bit.
  33. Jan 17 - Pushed Around

    Jan 17 - Pushed Around

    I must have been off my trolley when I took this. Aisle be carted away in no time, you'll see - just another basket case... To be fair this is a rare sight; my local Waitrose is so efficiently run that a build-up of trollies in the car park is almost unheard of. Walk - stand - capture -...
  34. SIJ Day 16

    SIJ Day 16

    This is a bench on my front porch. Last night as I was taking the dog for, those with pets know, the porch light effect on the bench caught my attention for the first time. Hey, it SIJ right? So my plan for the today's image was to photo my bench in this light.
  35. Jan 16 - Palmistry

    Jan 16 - Palmistry

    This is a palm in my garden (not a lot of time again today). I thought I had killed it about 18 months ago, but it has sprouted again. As long as it survives the frosts it should be quite a sight come the Summer.
  36. Jan 15 - James

    Jan 15 - James

    It has been rankling with me that I haven't put up a people shot yet. Meet my Son, James. He is 18, going to art college, with a lovely girlfriend and an interview for a new job on Tuesday. He is also massively hung over, having celebrated a friend's birthday last night. We had just...
  37. Jan 14 - Carved Deep

    Jan 14 - Carved Deep

    Funny thing memory. It seems so real, so close, then it fades. These words will fade too, in time. But not just yet...
  38. Jan 13 - Metropolis... or?

    Jan 13 - Metropolis... or?

    There is something that I find quite disturbing about this statue. It has echoes of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis", and of Olympian achievement, but there are also dark echoes of events in the 1930s. It dominates the area in which it stands - you can't ignore it.
  39. Jan 12 - Closing Down

    Jan 12 - Closing Down

    This is a common sight on the streets of the UK at the moment. Shops that have not survived past Christmas. Hawkins Bazaar specialised in "stocking fillers" and toys and didn't have a good enough December. What makes this personal is that my son had a job with them. In six weeks...
  40. Jan 11 - I made it as far as...

    Jan 11 - I made it as far as...

    ...the front door. Mad busy at the moment. Started at my desk at 07:00 and hardly left it. My intentions were honourable - I made to go out, but the phone rang and so... I promise to try harder in future ;0)
  41. Jan 10 - The Light at the End of the Day

    Jan 10 - The Light at the End of the Day

    Such a busy day today. Up to Birmingham and back. 4 hours in the car. Three meetings. Home for salmon en croute, a decent glass of wine and a hot bath. Lights down low, light the candles on the hearth, enjoy. Suddenly the day seems more bearable...
  42. SIJ Day 9

    SIJ Day 9

    I'm in Savannah and was in classes all day. Tried to get a couple shots this morning before heading out from the hotel but decided to concentrate on the street below my hotel when I got back. Took the liberty to run this one through a Nik plugin to get the feel I was looking for.
  43. Jan 9 -Stairway to...?

    Jan 9 -Stairway to...?

    So, this morning I got up early, drove all the way down to the New Forest, parked up overlooking the cliffs at Barton on Sea, pointed my camera at The Needles and... Nothing. Flat, boring, nothingness. Great gorbs of nothingness. More nothingness than an empty biscuit tin. Flatter than a...
  44. SIJ Day 8

    SIJ Day 8

    I traveled today to Savannah for my semi-annual flight training. The view out my hotel window.
  45. Jan 8 - Artoo's Granddad

    Jan 8 - Artoo's Granddad

    Yes, yes, I know, but I couldn't resist it - the Force was strong in this one. ;0)
  46. It's a Sign...

    It's a Sign...

    What amuses me about this old, faded sign is that it is in a one-way street... that nowadays flows the other way...
  47. SIJ Day 6

    SIJ Day 6

    If you ever hear me complain about where I live just point me to this picture, OK?
  48. Jan 6 - What's in a Name...?

    Jan 6 - What's in a Name...?

    Busy day today... Very little time to think, let alone take a picture. So, if in doubt aim for a cheap laugh at own expense... Palmer is not only my surname it is also a rather good champagne house; I always keep a bottle or two in the rack. Some years ago I gave one to one of my ex-wives...
  49. SIJ Day 5

    SIJ Day 5

    This is Butch and we're about to take our daily walk down to the lake and back.
  50. Jan 5 - Look out, it's a dangerous cyclepath!

    Jan 5 - Look out, it's a dangerous cyclepath!

    Couldn't resist this one. I drive past here most days. I can only think that they sent out the work experience lad to paint these lines. The silver box is a phone box, just past it is a postbox. I love the fact that they had a couple of goes at it...
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