1. sh0wtime

    What went right today...

    Following on from the What went wrong thread i thought it would be nice to have a "What Surprisingly went right today" thread. Well after dropping my 24-70 the other day i did find my Tripod i had been looking for for ages. It was under the bed in my RV :whistling:
  2. Lightmancer

    Vision 2020 - please form an orderly queue to the right of this post

    So, those who have been paying attention over the festivities will know that I asked if there was going to be a SiJ next month. The short answer is no, there isn't, but for those who have new toys to try, or just have an itchy shutter finger, we have Vision 2020 instead. To mark the start of...
  3. SIJ11 ~ two of a neighboring string of five

    SIJ11 ~ two of a neighboring string of five