1. Richard

    RIP Bill Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut

    Sorry to see that Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders has died. He took the famous "Earthrise" picture of earth from space. It's one of the most important images of all time, widely credited as motivating the global environmental movement and leading to the creation of Earth Day. I had a version of...
  2. doobs

    RIP Bently

    So my daughter called a bit ago. Her dog, our dog, Bently passed on this afternoon. He was 17 years old. He lived with my wife and I from the time my daughter went to FLETC in 2007 until about 3 years ago. Farewell dude,
  3. rpracing

    Cpl LeBeau, RIP @ 96

    Robert Clary, Cpl LeBeau on the TV show Hogans Heros died today @96:cry:
  4. Simonix

    God Save our Queen - RIP Elizabeth II

    Regardless whether you are a royalist or not, and wherever you are from in the world, I think we can all respect a woman who devoted her whole life to the duty of her country. RIP our queen. 😞
  5. Lightmancer

    RIP Tim Page

    Tim Page, who has died aged 78, was a British-born photographer who made his name covering the war in Vietnam with powerful images which helped to turn opinion against America’s role in the conflict; he won widespread acclaim for his work and was caricatured as the wild-eyed dope-smoking snapper...
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