1. William Lewis

    Film First roll of Harmon Phoenix

    Overexposed it based on some reading I'd done. Seems to have been a mistake. There's not enough latitude and the hightlights are easily blown. Probably better to treat it like slide film rather than negative film in that regard. Still, here's some of what I got from roll one: Nikon F4...
  2. William Lewis

    Film Which 100' roll of film to buy?

    It's time to start shooting black and white with a bulk roll for developing and scanning at home. I've got those aspects decided upon. I'll be using either Diafine or D76 depending on the shoot and then scanning with my D810 and a rig for a macro lens. But which film to invest it? The film I...
  3. William Lewis

    Nikon Showcase S-2 & Ektar test roll

    Got a 35 & a 105 for the S-2 in a trade with Brian and had a roll of Ektar to finish. Of course now that I'm home and the lab is finished, the sun is out and shining ;) Got a not too gentle reminder that Ektar has about as much latitude as Kodachrome 25 did on a few of the shots :eek...
  4. agentlossing

    Hot Deals! Adorama Fomapan 200 Creative 100' Roll, $57

    A good price for this interesting film! That's almost pre-supply-constraint pricing.
  5. gryphon1911

    Film Finally Got My Test Roll Developed From My Kodak Signet 35

    So, I finally took the roll of film from a few years ago to get developed from my test run of a Kodak Signet 35. I remember not enjoying the experience as much as I thought I would because of the very small viewfinder. I was mainly checking to see if it was serviceable in any way with accurate...
  6. Trolsworthy Warren Farm-Dartmoor

    Trolsworthy Warren Farm-Dartmoor

  7. sheeps skull

    sheeps skull

  8. Band at the Lord Mayors show (Plymouth)

    Band at the Lord Mayors show (Plymouth)

  9. Dar Pomorza docking in Plymouth

    Dar Pomorza docking in Plymouth

  10. Dar Pomorza docking in Plymouth

    Dar Pomorza docking in Plymouth

  11. broken "Plymouth Breweries" stoneware jar

    broken "Plymouth Breweries" stoneware jar

  12. tree stump

    tree stump

  13. Pegasus-St Werburghs

    Pegasus-St Werburghs

  14. Pegasus