russian lens

  1. G-hack

    Advice Wanted Helios 44 8 vs 13 blade?

    Hi folks I'm trying to purchase either a 13 blade (silver) or 8 blade (black) Helios 44 lens, both M42 mount. Other than the shape of any bubble bokeh (13 blades would be more smooth), any other major difference in photo? I believe the lens configuration is the same so the overall color and...
  2. G-hack

    Russian cinema lens PO3-3M RO3-3M

    Hi folks, I am thinking of buying a Russian PO3-M3 / RO3-M3 cinema lens and attach it to a digital camera (Sigma FP or Pentax K70). The seller told me it has a KONVAS mount. How do I attach this to a modern digital camera? I have an OCT18 adapter but it does not look like it will fit. Do I...