1. B

    Film Russian Contax ???

    I loaded a roll into this the other day and started shooting with it. It is a Contax II with a serial number on it's top and inside the back of it's rear cover that starts with a "Q". It's chrome and finish on it's metal parts is noticeably rougher and cheaper looking than the pre-war Contax II...
  2. Kevin

    Feedback Spam Cleanup - 2021 July 21

    Looks like a spammer made their way through the registration process and created several accounts that were used for spamming members 'private conversation' inboxes. It's been some time since we got hit. Thanks to everybody who reported the spam in the inboxes. We, of course, don't monitor...
  3. Brian

    Leica Why a Russian Lens needs to be adjusted for a Leica- the focal length is built to the Zeiss Standard

    Hard to believe that some sellers of Russian lenses in Fed/Zorki Mount continue to give bad information that they can be used on a Leica standard camera, that the Russian lenses were made to the Leica 51.6mm standard. THEY ARE NOT, How do I know? Because I have the Data Sheets that came with...
  4. M. Valdemar

    Russian Photography Site

    I stumbled on this excellent site. I have been reading it in translation. I want to point out that this site has the best researched, most information narrative of the Russian takeover of the German Zeiss optical industry I have ever read. Far better than anything I read...
  5. M. Valdemar

    Interesting Free Russian Film Emulation Software for Mac - Dehancer

    This is really interesting. It crashed on my Mac several times but suddenly became stable. Very good effects:
  6. C

    Film Update on the Lubitel

    I like it so far, but gosh focusing is not comfortable, the little magnifying glass is annoying! I am using a light meter app, tripod, and cable release, so will have to see how clear (or not) the photos will be. I can't wait for my Mamiya RB now, as I have a taste for this and I LOVE this...