rx100 m2

  1. L

    The geese are here! Hide your children!

    Sony RX10 mkii
  2. R

    Sony Disappointed with my new Rx100

    I own a couple of point-and-shoot cameras an a top end dSLR I use regularly. I was displeasure with the huge gap there was between the image quality I got from the point-and-shoot cameras and the dSLR I use professionally. Of course I was expecting that gap but wanted to reduce it and get more...
  3. Judderman62

    Sony New RX 100 owner reporting in

    Evening all. Today took delivery of an RX 100 mk2 . May posting some questions if that's OK and if the forum is still active. Struck me how tiny this camera is - I had forgotten from when I'd played with them in stores and a friends some weeks back. I mean it's smaller than my recently...