1. T

    Sony Comparing ZV-1 vs. RX100 VII autofocus & face tracking for pics

    For still images, mostly event photos of people, how do the ZV-1 AF and face tracking compare to the RX100 VII's? I will mostly use this camera to take pics of a speaker in front of an audience indoors. Thanks!
  2. Burkey

    Sony Sony RX100 V Flexible Focus Point Recentering

    Hi Folks - A quick question - How do you recenter the focus point on an RX100 V, (or other versions), after having repositioned it for focusing that is not in the middle of the frame? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. . . . David
  3. theoldsmithy

    Sony Cornwall - image heavy

    A changeable week in Cornwall - mostly fine weather but a couple of gloomy, drizzly days. The grand plan was to introduce Inky to the sea (having never seen it before). At first she was ok with the beach, then terror took over as she saw and heard the big wet roary thing. So we stuck to the...
  4. mattia

    Sony Diving Raja Ampat, Indonesia with the RX100

    My girlfriend and I got back from our 3 week vacation in Indonesia almost a month ago, and I'm slowly getting around to sorting through the photographs. Used the RX100 for all the underwater stuff, and the A7r for everything 'topside'. We spent one week in Raja Ampat, in Papua, eastern...
  5. R

    Sony Disappointed with my new Rx100

    I own a couple of point-and-shoot cameras an a top end dSLR I use regularly. I was displeasure with the huge gap there was between the image quality I got from the point-and-shoot cameras and the dSLR I use professionally. Of course I was expecting that gap but wanted to reduce it and get more...
  6. Sony RX100 Sensor Issue

    Sony RX100 Sensor Issue

    Thin corrupted lines along top and bottom of horizontal images, mainly highly textured ones, that consist of thin vertical lines of same color as photo content. Not sure what the cause is. Perhaps a bad sensor, or possibly something to do with Lightroom 5.