1. Kevin

    Feedback Possible editor issues with Samsung Browser and/or Samsung Keyboard

    There has been an increase in reports of some of our members having issues with the editor where the cursor seems to 'jump' around. The common denominator so far has been the usage of either Samsung Browser and/or the Samsung Keyboard app' on mobile devices. The short answer is to ask our...
  2. Amin

    Android Samsung S20 Ultra 10X Zoom Samples

    Here are some sample images from my S20 Ultra. In each pair of images, I took a photo using the wide angle camera on my Samsung S20 Ultra and then repeated the same photo at 10X zoom (combination of 4X optical zoom and additional binning and cropping). These are straight out of the camera with...
  3. Amin

    Smartphone Showcase A couple Samsung S20 Ultra snaps converted from raw

    My daughter is 6 now and obliged me to test out the new phone camera.
  4. Coksic

    Samsung Samsung NX1000

    A few images with Samsung NX1000.
  5. davect01

    Android Samsung Note 8 First "Real" Shot

    I just got this phone and this is the first shot in manual mode. Pretty respectable
  6. melanie.ylang

    Samsung A camera to compare with (and better) Samsung S8 phone

    Hello all, With friends around me snapping away with their S8 (and even as far back as S4) phone cameras, I am often left with that Gah! taste in my mouth when I see how well their shots turn out. I don't really want a fabulous smartphone camera, as it would be too easy to stop carrying my...
  7. going to work in the cold

    going to work in the cold

  8. Touch here

    Touch here

    Who says small sensor can't do shallow depth of field?
  9. Being happy

    Being happy

    I like the tonalitiy of this photo.
  10. SIJ 31 - onwards, with hunks

    SIJ 31 - onwards, with hunks

    2 of my female roommates decided that what our kitchen really needed was a calendar with hunky celebrities. I honestly couldn't tell you who this is, except that he passed their hotness test, and now he's Mr February... :tongue: I did audition for the calendar, but since I'm not a celebrity...
  11. SIJ 30 - winter starts late

    SIJ 30 - winter starts late

    this was the first day of snow, and the first day where temperatures didn't go above 0 degrees C.
  12. SIJ 29 - doorbell

    SIJ 29 - doorbell

    hmm looking at this photo now, I think I missed focus just a little bit...
  13. SIJ 28 - blissfully unaware

    SIJ 28 - blissfully unaware

    ...that the first period of real frost and snow was right around the corner, these crocuses thought the warm temperatures lately meant spring had begun. On that same day, I even saw blooming daisies!
  14. SIJ 27 - Conger

    SIJ 27 - Conger

    Today was the first time ever I attempted street photography. It was reallllly scary (i'm kinda shy), but the few people who caught me didn't seem to mind terribly, so that was very encouraging. This market salesman was one of them, he even commented on it but he seemed to think it was funny...
  15. SIJ 26 - Connected 2

    SIJ 26 - Connected 2

    This is where the internet connection enters / leaves my laptop :smile: straight jpeg
  16. SIJ 25 - Connected 1

    SIJ 25 - Connected 1

    this is where the internet connection enters / leaves our student's appartment... strong curve applied to lift the highlights in jpeg
  17. SIJ 24 - revenge of the fruits

    SIJ 24 - revenge of the fruits

    This naughty little lizard killed and ate too many fruits, so they revolted against him. Karma's a you-know-what :smile: straight out of camera jpeg
  18. SIJ 23 - Samsung case

    SIJ 23 - Samsung case

    couldn't really think of anything to photograph, so I took a shot of my camera case. straight out of camera jpeg
  19. SIJ 22 - inundated

    SIJ 22 - inundated

    I was at my parents' place this weekend, and we went for a walk through some forest and fields nearby. It was a pretty cold and windy day, and as you can see it has been raining a lot. That's my mom and sister walking down the road, all the way to the right. I pushed the shadows in this photo...
  20. SIJ 21 - home sweet home

    SIJ 21 - home sweet home

    For some reason I don't quite understand, my mother thought it a great idea to install a cardboard birdhouse in my parents' living room :smile: I think it's pretty great! straight out of camera jpeg
  21. SIJ 20 - before we made our land

    SIJ 20 - before we made our land

    this ditch, between a fancy neighbourhood and a piece of land with allotment gardens, seems to be brought back to a swampish state, similar to what apparently covered most of the country before the water was pumped out and the land cultivated.
  22. SIJ 19 - under construction

    SIJ 19 - under construction

    This is the future lobby of Rotterdam's Central Station. The entire square in front of the station has been a building site for a about 5 years now, and it'll remain that way untill 2013 or 2014 I think. The temporary pedestrian routes from tram to metro to busses to the trains change every...
  23. SIJ 18 - plastic paper bag

    SIJ 18 - plastic paper bag

    this is my bag for waste paper. I clearly should've gone to the paper recycling container with it a long time ago, as it's spilling over. And yes, I eat too much pizza :redface: but I tell myself it's okay since I'm training for a marathon so I need the energy :tongue:
  24. SIJ 17 - very taxing

    SIJ 17 - very taxing

    Inspired by Armando's shot somewhere early in the SIJ (did he quit, by the way?) of a legal document, and by the crease I accidentally made in my Tax Law book, I made this photo. Straight out of camera jpeg.
  25. SIJ 16 - bad shot, don't bother

    SIJ 16 - bad shot, don't bother

    unfortunately this was the only shot I took yesterday. I meant to take something better when I got home but I fell asleep. I wanted to show the ice in the ditch this house boat floats in, but it didn't really work out. Still, I prefer to post a crappy photo than break my SIJ promise, so there...
  26. SIJ 15 - ciao for now

    SIJ 15 - ciao for now

    Driving away from the goodbye party for a friend who's been here for the holidays but lives on the other side of the world these days. And for all those wondering: I wasn't behind the wheel :smile:
  27. SIJ 14 - sky sunset

    SIJ 14 - sky sunset

    out of pure desperation, I shot this sky, although it was also very nice to see it hadn't become totally dark even though it was half past five already (we're at the western edge of our time zone so we're pretty lucky in terms of late sunsets, and pretty unlucky in terms of late sunrises. Lucky...
  28. SIJ 13 - lake sunset

    SIJ 13 - lake sunset

    I had hoped to make it to our central station, which is being rebuilt and that looks pretty impressive. Just in case I didn't make it there, I shot this for safety - good thing that I did! There was one other shot from this place that I liked better, but it was shot using another EFL than 24mm...
  29. SIJ 12 - mass production

    SIJ 12 - mass production

    This is the main examination hall of my university - actually, this is only about 40% of it, but it's the largest expanse I could get in one frame. Need more wide angle!
  30. SIJ 11 - mirror game

    SIJ 11 - mirror game

    Yesterday I was up doing homework untill 3:30 at night, and I hadn't taken my SIJ photo yet. So, just before going to bed, I aimed my mirrors above my sink towards each other as much as possible, and tried to make a photo of the resulting reflections. I made this my first ever B&W...
  31. SIJ 10 - the greenhouse effect

    SIJ 10 - the greenhouse effect

    My hometown of Rotterdam is in one of the most light-polluted regions of the world, so it never gets properly dark at night. However, that absolutely pales in comparison to the light emitted by the greenhouses in the countryside just outside the city, where growth lamps burn to make sure the...
  32. SIJ 09 - I open at the close

    SIJ 09 - I open at the close

    When it's closing time for the university library, the staff open all the lockers to see if no-one forgot their personal belongings.
  33. SIJ 08 - dark photo of lights

    SIJ 08 - dark photo of lights

    The only time I went outside today was to run, so bringing my camera along wasn't possible. I guess I'll just continue my "things in my room" series of the last few days, then :smile: these 4 lamps are my main source of light. I treated the photo to a very strong version of...
  34. SIJ 07 - Lizard

    SIJ 07 - Lizard

    Bought this magnet mosaic lizard in Barcelona because it reminded me of a lizard statue in Gaudi's Parc Guell there - it's now on the side of my book case, always sneaking up on the Magritte-inspired mask above that was the subject of my SIJ day 6.