1. Archibald

    Scenic Wakefield

    A couple of shots from Wakefield, Quebec.
  2. M

    Yanert Glacier Alaska

    Yanert Glacier, Alaska
  3. agentlossing

    Scenic Show Greece

    Here is a thread for all your Hellenic images! I'll start with one from Psirri, Athens.
  4. Robbo

    Yonok Lake Fisherman

  5. Robbo

    Wat Rong Khun

  6. Tim Williams

    Sunday morning Bloody Mary

    Gail, My Fiance who is sadly deceased was a very wordly lady and loved a good coctail and a good hole in the wall getaway as I do. This place she took me to was In Ft. Pierce , Fl which I know well but Had never been there. Sadly her days were cut short by Cancer but we had soome good times.
  7. SteveBrickNJ

    New Years DAY in NYC

    Here are photos taken in NYC on Jan. 1st 2024....
  8. SteveBrickNJ

    December visit to West Chester University

    December 9, 2023...West Chester University (Pennsylvania USA)
  9. pdk42

    A few shots from Leiden

    All shot with the Pen-F and various of the Oly small primes. Leiden by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Leiden by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Leiden by Paul Kaye, on Flickr The Marekerk, Leiden by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Leiden by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Leiden in the RaIn by Paul Kaye, on Flickr...
  10. W

    Travel La Sagrada Família, Barcelona

    Went to Barcelona. What a great place. The La Sagrada Família was magnificent. I changed from RAW/B&W JPG to RAW/Colour JPG as the colours just blew me away and I was enjoying the colour more than my usual B&W shapes/lines settings. The East wing has blue/green stained glass and the West...
  11. rayvonn

    The Christmas 2023 Thread

    Time to start the yearly thread I guess. You may not see this time of year as Christmas and of course @gryphon1911 has had his Holiday Images thread up and running for over a month, which is how a lot of people refer to it, so feel free to post there too/ instead...
  12. T

    Scenic 1 ½ days in Pacific Rim National Park

    we had a great overnight trip to the we(s)t-coast of Vancouver Island - our first visit (we lucked out with great November-weather) full album here: Wild Coast Trail by tilman paulin, on Flickr Wild Coast Trail by tilman...
  13. SteveBrickNJ

    Ireland and Northern Ireland

    I'm posting my photos that I took in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I invite anyone who has Irish photos to add yours into this thread as well.
  14. bobriess

    Firenze from San Miniato al Monte

    Early blue hour...
  15. G

    Scenic Lake reflections at a local park.

    A small lake along a local park, on a warm November day.
  16. William Lewis

    It's still fall in Wisconsin

    Temperature is cooler than it's been (38F/3C after 60F/16C yesterday) but the sun still peaks out from the clouds. Winter isn't far but it's still fall.
  17. William Lewis

    A Vacation Day Along the Upper Mississippi

    My company doesn't allow one to roll over vacation time. Use it or lose it! So, I'm taking it off and Monday was the first day of it. Drove south and west through the rolling countryside finding interesting things along the way. I took my D810 with 28-105 & Tokina 17/3.5 along with my Nikon S-2...
  18. pdk42

    Some Covered Bridges in Vermont

    Only a small selection, but … Waitsfield Covered Bridge, VT by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Pine Brook Bridge, Washington County, VT by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Gold Brook Covered Bridge, Lamoille County, VT by Paul Kaye, on Flickr Pine Brook Bridge, Washington County, VT by Paul Kaye, on Flickr
  19. SteveBrickNJ

    Outdoors / October in NJ

    Holmdel Park, Tatum Park and Deep Cut Gardens...
  20. Albanybridge

    Scenic Albany Bridge.

    Albany Bridge, October 2019 by Christopher Weismann, on Flickr
  21. joayne

    Travel Heading back to Cuba..

    I was in Cuba about 8 years ago and I'm now heading back that way.. Here are some photos from the last trip. Anyone else want to contribute? Hemingways Pilar
  22. William Lewis

    An Early Autumn Drive

    Early October, sunny and crisp weather plus it's a day off. Nothing better for a bit of a drive...
  23. guzziknight

    Delta-01 Launch Control Facility

    We went to the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility near Wall, SD. It is a decommissioned Minuteman Missile Launch Control Center. They took us underground to the launch center. Tight confines where the crew of two would spend a 24 hour shift.
  24. agentlossing

    Scenic Mount Rainier, Washington & Surrounds

    Here are some photos from earlier in the summer with the Pentax K-1 Mark II and HD 31mm f1.9 Limited lens. Paradise visitor center: Paradise Lodge from further up the trail: Looking up: A little closer: The mountain is far too large to get into the frame with the 31mm: Subalpine...
  25. bartjeej

    CC wanted - wildflowers

    I took these two shots back to back - at a suboptimal aperture, after shooting the entire day at f/8 I went for a shallower DoF at f/4 shortly before and forgot to change back :doh: Anyway, I've two questions about them: 1. Which do you like better, and why? I'm considering printing one of...
  26. F

    San Carlos de Bariloche

    PXL_20230727_131827281x by william Heron, on Flickr
  27. Punkie

    Architecture Viaduc de Millau

    Here some pictures of the Viaduc de Millau.
  28. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Weston-Super-Mare Trip

    Went to the Photography Show on the 20th June 2023 at Weston-Super-Mare and it was my first time there. A lot of very interesting architecture and a mix of old and new buildings. The palm trees reminded me of my time living in Sicily and how much I miss living near the coast. A very...
  29. christilou

    Sicily ..... Q2

    Some random first shots from the Q2 in Sicily this week.
  30. William Lewis

    A Drive in the Wisconsin Countryside

    Went for a nice long drive this afternoon to and from an old Grist mill on the other side of the county from me. A pleasant way to spend my day off. All shot with my M 240, Chiyoko 50/2 at ISO 200.
  31. S

    Architecture Business in Nowhere, USA

  32. pdurand

    Travel Abandonned - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram - Rishikesh (Beatles Ashram)

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram is the ashram of the famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who started the Transcendental Meditation movement. Although it was abandoned back in 1997, it has now been taken under the control of the forest department. In 1968, the ashram rose to fame and placed Rishikesh on...
  33. JensM

    Architecture Building details

    Happened upon an occasion to shoot at Kristiania College today, so in between shooting speakers keynotes and not as well as diverse crowd/mingling shots, I got in some shots for myself. Didn't find a tread for building details, so thought I would put one up.
  34. agentlossing

    Scenic WWII Radar Station, California's Lost Coast

    We took a short camping trip down from Oregon to the California redwoods over the weekend. On the way back, we took a gravel back road and found this intriguing location: a WWII radar station built to look like a couple of farmhouses on a spot overlooking the Pacific. These were built in...
  35. macvisual


    Post your "summer" pics here ... (N.B. This is a dummy message replacing the original post whose contents were long lost; this way, the thread could be maintained and re-purposed). Matt
  36. pdk42

    Scenic A few shots from the Pennines in Northern England (and an ode to the Olympus 12-100)

    The Pennines is an area of uplands in the North of England. I spent a few hours there recently and bagged a few shots of the rolling hills in decent light. I thought I'd share them! All images are with the Olympus EM1.3, and all but one are with the 12-100 f4. I think this combo is a superb...
  37. J

    Travel Bodie, California Ghost Town - a look into an abandoned house.

  38. gryphon1911

    Documentary Hocking Valley Scenic Railway Trip

    There are not many passenger trains that run in these parts anymore. My wife absolutely loves trains, whenever we get a chance to ride, we do. There are 2 that we have been on here in Ohio. The Cuyahoga Valley National park train that runs 26 miles through the national park and...
  39. C

    Scotland with the X-Pro 2

    I thought I'd share a few of the landscapes/scenics I've taken on my travels over the last couple of weeks! 1. Glencoe!... needs no introduction! 2. Mirror Man in Loch Earn 3. Blackrock Cottage (cliche I know but I'd never taken the shot myself!) 4. Loch Goil Moonlight 5. Fidra...
  40. Rehobeth,MA 2014. USA

    Rehobeth,MA 2014. USA

    Scenic of an old historic dam
  41. Fall


    Fall in New England
  42. Little Corona 2

    Little Corona 2

    Took this early morning at a beach near my home.
  43. Little Corona

    Little Corona

    Took this early one morning near my home. % second shutter speed blurred the water giving it a "mystical" feel.