1. agentlossing

    Scenic WWII Radar Station, California's Lost Coast

    We took a short camping trip down from Oregon to the California redwoods over the weekend. On the way back, we took a gravel back road and found this intriguing location: a WWII radar station built to look like a couple of farmhouses on a spot overlooking the Pacific. These were built in...
  2. macvisual


    Post your "summer" pics here ... (N.B. This is a dummy message replacing the original post whose contents were long lost; this way, the thread could be maintained and re-purposed). Matt
  3. pdk42

    Scenic A few shots from the Pennines in Northern England (and an ode to the Olympus 12-100)

    The Pennines is an area of uplands in the North of England. I spent a few hours there recently and bagged a few shots of the rolling hills in decent light. I thought I'd share them! All images are with the Olympus EM1.3, and all but one are with the 12-100 f4. I think this combo is a superb...
  4. J

    Travel Bodie, California Ghost Town - a look into an abandoned house.

  5. gryphon1911

    Documentary Hocking Valley Scenic Railway Trip

    There are not many passenger trains that run in these parts anymore. My wife absolutely loves trains, whenever we get a chance to ride, we do. There are 2 that we have been on here in Ohio. The Cuyahoga Valley National park train that runs 26 miles through the national park and...
  6. C

    Scotland with the X-Pro 2

    I thought I'd share a few of the landscapes/scenics I've taken on my travels over the last couple of weeks! 1. Glencoe!... needs no introduction! 2. Mirror Man in Loch Earn 3. Blackrock Cottage (cliche I know but I'd never taken the shot myself!) 4. Loch Goil Moonlight 5. Fidra...
  7. Rehobeth,MA 2014. USA

    Rehobeth,MA 2014. USA

    Scenic of an old historic dam
  8. Fall


    Fall in New England
  9. Little Corona 2

    Little Corona 2

    Took this early morning at a beach near my home.
  10. Little Corona

    Little Corona

    Took this early one morning near my home. % second shutter speed blurred the water giving it a "mystical" feel.