1. A

    Hello from (non) sunny Scotland

    My name is Angus, I have joined the forum after some recommendations from online friends. I have been using Fuji gear since 2015, and I am an amateur enthusiast photographer. I am not trained, but have learnt from reading and online videos and forums.
  2. theoldsmithy

    Travel Scotland Trip (image heavy)

    So, we had our week and a bit in Scotland. I drove 1100 miles and we ate a lot of haddock! I also took quite a few are a few of them. First stop - Stirling where we visited the Bannockburn memorial and the old town Next stop - the county (sorry, "Kingdom") of Fife. Culross...
  3. MoonMind

    Travelling through Scotland 2018 (mostly images)

    Well, I know this that I'm probably not the only one travelling throughout Scotland this summer, but I'll use this thread to show some images - miscellaneous subjects, ordered by date (roughly). The first couple of days were nice enough, if a bit too warm for my liking, but who am I to complain...
  4. olli

    Islay Skies

    I've been ordering a few end of year photo books while the offers are good and reworking a few older images. Here are a few from a trip to Islay last year focusing on the wonderful skyscapes.
  5. B

    Autumn - Loch an Eilein

    Three shots from Loch an Eilein, Rothiemurchus, Aviemore, Highlands, Scotland Fuji XT1, Fuji 14mm 2.8 R, f11, 1/105sec, ISO400 Fuji XT1, 14mm 2.8 R, f16, 1/30 (handheld), ISO640 Fuji XT1, Fuji 14mm 2.8 R, f8, 1/45sec, ISO400 (hope I posted these ok this time)
  6. C

    Scotland with the X-Pro 2

    I thought I'd share a few of the landscapes/scenics I've taken on my travels over the last couple of weeks! 1. Glencoe!... needs no introduction! 2. Mirror Man in Loch Earn 3. Blackrock Cottage (cliche I know but I'd never taken the shot myself!) 4. Loch Goil Moonlight 5. Fidra...