sd card

  1. SONIC

    How do I recover photos from my camera after accidentally formatting my SD card?

    Hello! I have encountered an unpleasant event. Accidentally formatted the memory card on my camera. And all my photos are gone. After a bit of google, I realised that you need special programs to recover photos. I even tried a few but didn't achieve the desired result .... Does anyone know how...
  2. drd1135

    Advice on Bigger SD cards

    I’ve never bought SD cards bigger than 64 GB. Since I’m thinking of a camera with a bigger sensor, I’d like to buy some higher capacity SD cards. Any recommendations? I’m thinking in the 128 or 256 GB range.
  3. Brownie

    Sony Tried a 'Faster' SD card, a little disappointing in the A7RIII, VERY odd results in the A7 IV.

    On a quest to try and improve the hit rate on my A7RIII. One issue is hesitation between shots during a burst, some of which is due to the camera slowing when the buffer is full. I hoped a card with a faster write speed would make a noticeable difference over the Sony Tough 277/150. I decided to...
  4. Carbonman

    Protection SD Card Wallet Caddie

    I'm going on a big wildlife photography trip and have been searching for a compact SD card holder that would ideally fit in my wallet. I haven't been able to find anything compact enough. I thought gluing SD card cases to a piece of .030" styrene plastic from my model making days would work...
  5. Toddster

    Using phone to upload from SD card to LR - iPhone vs Android

    I have been using an iPhone to upload photos from my camera's SD card to Lightroom CC; the process works perfectly. If I have WiFi I prefer to use my tablet or computer but the iPhone is great for the times when only cellular data is available. I recently tried the same thing with an Android...
  6. Herman

    SD card plus adapter

    Which SD card plus adapter do you recommend for Panasonic TZ100? (32 or 64 GB) Best, Herman
  7. Herman

    SD card

    Which (micro) SD card(s) do you recommend? I shall be looking forward to any replies, thanks in advance. Best regards, Herman