1. P

    Sleepless....Not in Seattle.

    A noir of long & lonely nights, Shadows a’dance whilst darkness fights, I lay tormented, restless, weep, Eternal endlessness without sweet sleep. Thro’ curtains, streetlights mocking seep, Exhaustion a mountain, a climb too steep Past regrets and memory haze, The whispered lies and secrets...
  2. DeeJayK

    Meetup Impromptu Seattle Meetup on 4/5 (this Wednesday!)

    Wow, this forum hasn't seen much action lately...let's dust off these cobwebs. The idea of arranging a local meetup in Seattle, WA, came up recently in this discussion of photo opportunities in our fine city. The sketch of the plan (such as it is) is to get together somewhere in or near...
  3. doobs

    What to do with an afternoon in Seattle

    I've been voluntold to attend a meeting in Seattle next week. My flight lands around noon and should have the afternoon and evening to spend. The meeting is the next day. Can a kind local provide some thoughts about things to see and photograph? Thanks!
  4. agentlossing

    Street Seattle International District - Chinatown Lunar New Year

    Today we hopped on the bus and went to the international district in Seattle for some of their ongoing lunar new year festivities. There was a street market as well as a food walk involving many of the restaurants in the neighborhood, and it was quite crowded despite the intermittent rain. It...
  5. agentlossing

    The Spheres, Seattle WA (Image Heavy)

    Amid rather chilly and damp winter weather in Seattle, we had the chance to visit the Amazon Spheres, which are a trio of connected glass-and-metal structures resembling a habitat on a strange planet. These function as conservatories, indoor botanic gardens home to 40,000 plants from 30...
  6. agentlossing

    Documentary Seattle Visual Journal

    I recently moved from a very small town to a suburb near Seattle (Mercer Island). I'm working in downtown Seattle. So you know what that means. Lots of photos! I intend to put general images which aren't better suited to specific genres into this thread so you can follow along with my...
  7. agentlossing

    Seattle: Living Advice?

    This week I acted considerably out of character by applying for a position with my company in downtown Seattle. It's a city we've loved for a long time, and visited whenever we could, but it would be a major, life-changing move. It's far from a sure thing at this point (after a good initial...
  8. agentlossing

    Film HP5+ @ ISO 1600, Seattle, March 2021

    I thought I'd share a not-quite-the-whole-roll this time. It was a rainy day and I was in the heavily shadowed areas around Pike Place Market much of the time, so I shot this HP5 at 1600, fully expecting the grainy results. Of course there are ways to mitigate the grain, but I didn't have them...
  9. bluzcity

    Seattle Space Needle

    I suppose the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier are two of the most iconic landmarks in Seattle, WA. Out of several shots I took of the needle, these are the ones I favored from my trip.
  10. L

    From a march.. to a protest.. to a riot

    Well, it's May 1st, so Seattle gets to go through "Anarchists breaking shit" day. Basically 300-400 cops get a bunch of overtime for babysitting would be revolutionaries. It starts out as a peaceful march through the city and always (ALWAYS!) ends with these folks doing some petty mayhem and...
  11. L

    A most beautiful superfund site!

    Sigma DP2 Quattro. Harbor Island near West Seattle, WA. 15s, ISO200, F/8. The export has a lot more noise than the original. Need to work out how to handle noise with the Quattro. Very little post, even though it looks very painterly. The Quattro long-exposure is fickle as hell. Sometimes you...
  12. L

    A spring morning down by the water

    Sony RX10 mkii. Seattle, Alki Beach. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  13. L

    The geese are here! Hide your children!

    Sony RX10 mkii
  14. L

    Under the Bridge at Dawn

    Sigma SD1 + 17-70mm West Seattle, WA
  15. L

    A mountain and it's valley in the morning fog

    2 shots from this morning. Sony RX10 mkii and a CPL filter in Kent, WA. 1) 2)
  16. L

    A Ferris wheel by the water at dusk

    RX10 mkii in Seattle, WA
  17. L

    Another Mountain Sunset on the Docks

    When I'm lazy, I go down to the beach a few miles from my house. It is endlessly photogenic. All with RX10 mkii. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  18. L

    Portraits are perhaps not my strong suit...

    A friend of mine needed some publicity shots for her new book, so I grabbed the GX7 and the Oly 25/45/75 lenses and headed into downtown Seattle on what could easily be described as the crappiest day of weather I've seen in years. Cold, rainy, windy. Ugh. Anyway, we shot a bit in the massive...
  19. L

    3 different shots of the same thing

    I was out yesterday and saw a huge line of Seagulls sitting on the roof of the boathouse down on the beach. There wasn't really a way to get a particularly symmetrical shot, so I did the best I could. Sony RX10 mkii 1) 2) 3)
  20. L

    Into The Fog

    Jack Block Park, West Seattle. Sony RX-10 mkii
  21. L

    A new beginning

    I started editing photos on my iPad, I ended up processing a little more than I usually do. I actually liked it this time but I could see falling into the trap of doing this on every picture. Also, the RX10 may be the greatest all-around camera I've ever used. In engineering marvel! created by...