1. Zeus1

    News Adobe Photoshop and computer security

    Interesting read, highly recommended. If true , Photoshop is spying on us.
  2. P

    Airport security, a rant.

    So, I just cleared security. With newly nuked film. Because even when I politely asked if they could check it manually I had two options, either send it thru x-ray or open the film and expose it to light because «we can’t see what’s inside». This is the first time I have met this attiude on a...
  3. Herman

    Affinity Security Forum Alert

    Forum Security Alert
  4. William Lewis

    Our Security Guard

    We have a stuffed bear in our lobby. I often joke that she’s our security guard. Well, we have to keep her healthy too! But, she just can't seem to follow the directions as you’ll notice her nose…
  5. tonyturley

    WiFi security

    Our WiFi router, which was several years old, has been having hiccups recently, so I tossed it yesterday and installed a new one. I'm not crazy about the fact that I had to install an app on my phone and set up a Netgear account to set up the router, but I did. Twice while going through the...
  6. Kevin

    News Security researcher shows digital cameras susceptible to remote malware attacks

    There's a few articles hitting the street today about a security researcher being able to use Wi-Fi to remotely install a fake firmware infected with malware to a Canon EOS 80D to encrypt all of the images on the memory card. The malicious payload takes advantage of the Picture Transfer...