1. Rambazamba73

    Feedback Serious Compacts

    Hi, Is there a separate forum department for "serious compacts"? If not I would suggest that we create such a undergroup in the forum under Photography Gear. Compacts = pockable, take everywhere (but no mobiles!) It can be widely defined. Doesn`t need to be fixed lens cameras only. A MFT...
  2. Jock Elliott

    Micro 4/3 Gave the "foul weather camera" a serious work-out today and found some interesting stuff

    Took a walk in the rain at Hudson Crossing Park, Schuylerville, NY, near Lock 5 of the Champlain Canal. We think this is a weather station: With optional equipment: We found holes dug in the ground with what we believe are the remains of turtle eggs nearby. We what we don't know is if the...
  3. drd1135

    Serious Questions (I mean it) about making Videos from a Video Agnostic

    I am starting to make short (<15 minute) videos of various topics/problems in my chemistry courses for students to use outside of class. (There are already videos like this out there, but there is enough diversity in presentation to confuse students who are trying to understand something...
  4. serious modular compact camera

    serious modular compact camera

    serious modular compact camera