1. Whoopee


  2. Triplets


  3. Who's a pretty lady

    Who's a pretty lady

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  4. Don't get any closer

    Don't get any closer

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  5. Sheep shearing

    Sheep shearing

    As I recall one of our Sherpas was demonstrating his sheep shearing skills. Leica M3, scanned in from FP4 negative, Himachel Pradesh, India October 1979
  6. Shepherds and flock

    Shepherds and flock

    Probably a mixed flock of goats and sheep. Scanned from an FP4 negative, Leica M3, 35mm Summaron f/3.5. Himachel Pradesh, NW India, October 1979