1. JensM

    Animals Show "Sheep"

    Couldnt find any treads dealing with collected sheeps, so thought I should put one up, starting with this one: Autumn is upon us, and up here in Norway that means that the sheep that is put out in the "wild" to roam in Spring, is collected up to be either kept over the winter or is off to the...
  2. T

    Animals goats and sheep at the Blacksheep gathering

    spent a fun morning at the Blacksheep gathering in Albany, OR... While my wife was shopping for wool, I spent some time in the livestock pavilion, looking at the beautiful animals... The Olympus Stylus 1 came in pretty handy - the photos came out quite nicely although it was quite dark in there...
  3. CatsAreGods

    Animals Goat Day Afternoon

    So last Friday I spent the afternoon with some of the fine folks at Integrazers, who have been helping to do both weed abatement and fire mitigation here in California for years by leasing their herds of goats and sheep to landowners, industrial parks, and even neighborhood HOAs. Cue cuteness...
  4. Whoopee


  5. Triplets


  6. Who's a pretty lady

    Who's a pretty lady

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  7. Don't get any closer

    Don't get any closer

    Manx Loaghtan Ewe
  8. Sheep shearing

    Sheep shearing

    As I recall one of our Sherpas was demonstrating his sheep shearing skills. Leica M3, scanned in from FP4 negative, Himachel Pradesh, India October 1979
  9. Shepherds and flock

    Shepherds and flock

    Probably a mixed flock of goats and sheep. Scanned from an FP4 negative, Leica M3, 35mm Summaron f/3.5. Himachel Pradesh, NW India, October 1979