1. fractal

    Show: Italy

    Florence Italy, Piazza della Signoria
  2. pdk42

    Show: Time lapse

    I couldn't find a thread on this, so thought I'd make one! Mods - if you're unhappy I'm sure you'll do what's necessary! So here is one I tried today. It's my first attempt at timelapse, so don't be too hard on me. 500 raw images, processed with LR and then Photoshop to make the video.
  3. ShipleyNW

    Nature Show: Cape Disappointment (w/nw)

    I'd been to Cape Disappointment State Park before, but I didn't know about the waves and the lighthouse at the time. I've since learned it's a pretty popular place for photographers. On our way to Cannon Beach we jumped across the bridge in Astoria to take a look. I've seen some spectacular...
  4. pdk42

    Street Show: People in Galleries and Museums

    I always think that galleries and museums are great places for catching interesting people shots. I couldn't find a thread here that covered this as a genre, so thought I'd create one (I'm sure if my searching is weak that someone will point me to the existing one!).. Anyhow, here are a few...
  5. Charzes44

    Show: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

    Come on everybody. We all like different things. Show everyone else photos of those things that you like.
  6. Cederic

    Animals Show: Primates

  7. JensM

    Animals Show "Sheep"

    Couldnt find any treads dealing with collected sheeps, so thought I should put one up, starting with this one: Autumn is upon us, and up here in Norway that means that the sheep that is put out in the "wild" to roam in Spring, is collected up to be either kept over the winter or is off to the...
  8. Panolyman

    Documentary Fishguard Agricultural Show.

    I've been attending this show for the last few years and had lots of fun wandering around taking photos. I thought you might like to join me on a retro-tour. I'll split the photos into categories and will start with Cattle, Pigs and Sheep. This young lady hadn't travelled far and was an...
  9. Erfurt2000

    Nature Show Mountains

    A view from the Inselsberg, one of the highest mountains in the Thuringian Forest.
  10. Panolyman

    Architecture Show: Castles

    It would appear that there isn't a specific thread showing castles, so, as I live in Wales, which according to one of the Welsh government websites has 427 castles, I thought I'd better start one. Obviously, not all castles are in Wales and I think we should include chateau as well, and possibly...
  11. Panolyman

    Show: Your weekend

    We know we're all into photography and love taking pictures for the various fora and threads, however we may not know of each other's other interests. So, how about giving us some insight into what you are all about. Many of us are retired but I imagine most people indulge in their hobbies and...
  12. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Is anyone going to Weston-Super-Mare Photography Show on 20th June 2023?

    Hello, the Weston-Super-Mare PHotography Show starts next Tuesday 20th June 2023, from 09:30 to 15:30. They offer free tickets at Weston-Super-Mare Photographic Roadshow - The Societies of Photographers | International Photography Organisation Is anyone going? Would anyone like a meet-up after...
  13. 2SHOES

    Nature Show: 'Lightning'

    After some searching, I could not find a thread specifically for lightning, I found storms, clouds, everything else, but I'm learning to capture photos of lightning with my Olympus EM-1 MK3, and 2 nights ago I set the camera for timelapse of 1 second photos with 1 second between, and I know I...
  14. Iron

    Pentax Pentax Trade Show in Canada | McBain Cameras

    Just sharing this video by PentaxTips. It is a small trade show but the content is more about a summary of some things Pentax-related. They talked about monochrome, some lenses, the KF, the film project, etc.
  15. DeeJayK

    Show: Intentional obstruction

    New York State Capital, Albany, NY I had an idea for a thread for this unorthodox composition technique. I'm not sure my image here is a really great example, but I figure I'll throw it out here to try to get the ball rolling. This blog post perhaps does a better job of explaining what I was...
  16. tonyturley

    Nature Show "Woodland"

    When I'm out on my bike, or hiking, I'm always scanning the woods for interesting things. In the course of a ride, I stop numerous times for things that catch my eye. Here are some from Tuesday's ride. X-T1 + 18mm f2:
  17. H

    Documentary Show: Same Scene Decades Apart

    I thought this would make a interesting show case thread, though it'll probably be a hard one to keep active. Inspired from a little project I did revisiting some spots where I had photos taken as a kid, with my own child. Post Office Square in Brisbane Lions in front of Brisbane City Hall
  18. DeeJayK

    Documentary Show "Ghost signs"

    I know there's already an existing signs thread, but perhaps there's room for a thread dedicated to ghost signs? I love these old remnants of bygone days and I'd love to see any examples others would care to share. I've decided to be bold and create such a thread here. Admins/ moderators, if...
  19. john m flores

    Documentary SHOW Flight

    The theme is flight. I can be birds, it can be planes, as long as it embodies "flight"
  20. John King

    Beaumaris Concourse car show, 2023

    The Beaumaris Concourse car show, 2023, is on tomorrow. Starts at 0800H until 1300H. A worthwhile event, with cars, trucks, motorcycles. Most are beautifully restored, some highly modified. Everything from sleek Jaguars to 1930s Ford hotrods. Some sample photos from past events can be seen...
  21. pdk42

    Show - Uber hi-res shots (100Mp +)

    I thought this might make an interesting thread. Not many of us will have cameras with >100Mp, but there's always stitching. Here's one to kick us off - 44,399 × 10,940 (485.7 MP). A stitch of a number of 47Mp images from the Nikon Z7. Here's a low res version: Malvern Hills Panorama by...
  22. pdk42

    Show: A subject interpreted multiple ways

    I thought this might be an interesting idea for a thread. The inspiration is that there is a field behind my house that I photograph way more than perhaps it deserves. But the thing is, there's a nice sweep to the field and, thanks to a fortuitously-placed tree, it results in a nicely-balanced...
  23. C

    ICM (intentional camera movement) Let's see yours!

    Let's see your ICM art!
  24. pdk42

    Show - Fisheye photos

    Since I'm on a run creating "Show" threads (see the 65:24 thread), I thought I'd create a fisheye one. I really love what a fisheye can do and I couldn't find a specific thread here for one, so... Here's a few from me to get started. All are un-fished. Ennerdale Water Reflected by Paul...
  25. pdk42

    Show - Shots in 65:24 / XPAN Aspect Ratio

    I recently discovered the XPAN 65:24 aspect ratio. It's super wide, but it has a certain look to it. It's a challenge to imagine how best to compose with such a wide format, but I think when you get it right the results have some real impact. Best viewed on a wide-screen monitor of course (it...
  26. CatsAreGods

    Animals It's beginning to look a lot like...Thanksgiving! Show your turkeys!

    There seems to be no dedicated turkey thread so I thought...why not (something something Dayton Allen)? Check out these rude snoods! 😺 I giggle at this one every time, because I keep thinking of it in one of those Revolutionary War 3-cornered hats with a musket by its side:
  27. Nuskyn

    Show your "Blending Portrait"

    Not an original idea of mine, but I came across this somewhere online and tried it... A nice piece of texture ( treebark ) combined with a tough face and then trying to make a nice blend of both... I'm happy with the result ! Please add your work !
  28. Bobitybob

    Scenic Show "Contre-Jour"

    Shooting in to the light. I like this type of image and couldn't find a specific thread for it so thought I would start one. So lets see you blown out highlights :LOL: A couple to start. .
  29. MountainMan79

    All things Hi-Fi and Audio - show and tell and discussion

    Let’s use this space to show off our audio gear and all things Hi-Fi (or low-fi), and discuss all the good stuff that comes along with a hobby just as expensive or even more so than photography!
  30. CatsAreGods

    Color Show Fireworks!

    I couldn't find a current thread for this, so I figured this would be a good time (especially for those of us in the US). Last night, we visited our local open-air mall, hoping to catch their fireworks display. Unfortunately, there was a huge crowd (personal fireworks are banned in my county...
  31. mike3996

    Show Robots

    Starship making a milk run on a Friday afternoon.
  32. Toddster

    Animals Show "Pigs"

    I just can't believe that we don't have a pigs thread. I did a search and didn't find one so I guess I'll get one started...
  33. agentlossing

    Documentary Show Surrealism

    I couldn't find a threat for this, but it seems like we should have one. So, to kick it off, a surrealist self-portrait. I don't pretend to be good at this kind of thing, but I enjoy seeing it and trying it out sometimes. Let's see your surrealism. Also, documentary might not be the right...
  34. DeeJayK

    Architecture Show: Door knockers

    There's a thread for doors and even one for door handles, but I couldn't find one to share this other category of functional door adornment. from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Please feel free to share yours! - K
  35. Herman

    Show "Doors"

  36. kae1

    Sports Show Motorsports

    As a recent refugee from another forum I've been looking for Motorsports posts in Cameraderie as I find it inspiring to see what others are doing. Whilst there have been occasional posts relating to specific events over the years there doesn't appear to one post which collects them together. So...
  37. drd1135

    Nature Show the Backyard Community

    I'll start this thread because I was surprised we didn't have one. I saw a squirrel out the window and grabbed my X-T30/16-80 because it was close. I leaned out the door and even at 80mm I didn't get much improvement. Then I realized I was looking at a totally different group. My original...
  38. WhidbeyLVR

    Animals Show Marine Mammals (Whales, Seals, Otters)

    Please share your images of marine mammals, including: whales, dolphins, etc. (cetaceans) seals, sea lions, walrus, etc. (pinnipeds) manatees, sea cows (sirenians) otters polar bears Images from zoos, aquariums,and other captive situations are welcome, but please identify them as such...
  39. Petrochemist

    Challenge! Show 'Stress'

    How about sharing your interpretations on the title Stress? It seems to me that a very wide range of subjects could be chosen, some portraits could be perfect, yet the shot below also fits :) stressed stencil by Mike Kanssen, on Flickr What can you come up with? (The challenges section seems...
  40. Petrochemist

    Show: Fire & flames

    I've never actually been diagnosed as a pyromaniac but I do certainly see the beauty in fire. Having just seen a selection of fabulous fire shots in the 'post an image related to the one' above thread I went looking for a thread on fire & couldn't find one so decided to start one! Here's one of...
  41. fotoppi

    Show: "color diet" or "color is key"

    Moin and Hello, I don't want to interfere with existing threads, but I wonder if we could add one. How about pictures with intentionally reduced color, partially reduced colors, or partially intense colors? A bit like colorkey, but not as strict. And multi-color key allowed. Pointing out a...
  42. Herman

    Show Benches and Chairs

    I just uploaded a picture to member galleries, but unfortunately I was unable to find and include it for some reason. Please post here, I will follow later, thanks.:rolleyes:
  43. Herman

    Street Show Elephant

    Elephant parade at my hometown. Here I go...
  44. mike3996

    Show Seascapes

    Show seascapes, lakescapes here. .. Despite the title, I opened this thread with a view over the lake Näsijärvi.
  45. iSilentP

    Fuji Way to show the world Fujifilm!!!

    Good for #Fujifilm. Proud supporter and very happy to see that they did not crumble to #Ransomware hacker demands. More companies should do this. The best way to eliminate these type of attacks.
  46. re-note

    "Let´s play! Show your processing experiments"

    This thread could be something to while away the boredom of lockdown. Post your experimental results - visionary, inventive, illusory or even whimsical.....
  47. QBI

    Architecture Show: Clocks, clock towers

    On my travels I often see interesting clocks but there's no thread for them. So let's fix that
  48. MoonMind

    Show "Framed"

    To my amazement and chagrin, I discovered that we don't have a true* "framed" thread yet - it's high time to change that. Here's one to start it off (even though the top's off on this one): I do a lot of those, so it'll probably fill up quite quickly - but of course and first and foremost...
  49. albertk

    Street Show your Mirroring Act

    As we have a lot of pictures with mirrors in some way, often selfies, a thread is nice to show these, where you seem to fall down a rabbit hole and step through a mirror and here I found myself in China . . So please add as you like and let us enjoy! Paris - Compagnie française d'Orient et de...
  50. jyc860923

    Scenic Show your moon photos

    I've got this from this morning