1. Brownie

    Sony KEH Black Friday sale, a whole bunch of LA-EA adapters in stock

    If anyone is looking. I picked up a 4 in EC with case/caps for $208, shipped. They have 2s, 3s, and 4s in stock. Use code BF10E.
  2. H

    Sony Help setting up and customising sony a7c!

    I've started playing around with the menu and interface on my sony a7c, just wondering if anyone has any tips on setting up and customising the camera. Any youtube tutorials or blogs would be great too! A few questions -How do I set a minimum shutter speed when in aperture priority mode? How...
  3. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony My gear plan for professional action pet & portrait pet photography

    Hello, I have hinted on this for some time on the forum here and there. I have been doing lots of research, started watching tutorials and guides to professional work and pet photography (and will continue to do so). In simple terms, by summer 2023, I want to offer action and portrait...
  4. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Which lens should I take to the beach today?

    It's a really nice clear day so thought I'd load up the bike and take it down to the beach for a ride. What lens should I take on my A7ii? Native or old manual focus? 24mm? 35mm? 50mm? 100mm? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony My first f 1.8 prime lens set.

    I am so excited that my hands won't stop shaking for a couple of hours (though they do that when I have low glycemia or high amounts of anxiety). I just received from MPB, in Like New condition, the Samyang AF 35mm f 1.8 and the Tokina atx-m 85mm f 1.8 FE. Please don't take this as an...
  6. wt21

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus E-P7 Showcase

    Didn't see a thread for this, so here's some using the B&W switch on front.
  7. theoldsmithy

    At the beach

    We took young Stanley to the beach at Talacre in North Wales last week. Here's a few shots I took with the GF1 and Lumix 14mm/2.5 lens. Some editing in various products.
  8. lucien

    Sony is it worth it

    Hi I have a question regarding the Sony A7. Is it a better camera than my D7500? I have some old Minolta glass and I would like to use my old glass on the body with an adapter. Sony LA-EA4 which allows complete auto-focus on A mount glass which I have lying around. Does anyone shoot both of...
  9. A

    Sony Need advice for a lens please

    Hello, Can someone please point me in the direction of a suitable lens if there is one. I feel overwhelmed lol I have a Sony zv e10 with a Sigma 16mm f1.4 I love the way it performs at night (which is why i got it) but i use it for vlogging and exploring abandoned places. My issue is its...
  10. L

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Laowa 10mm f2

    I love shooting wide. I had given up on Panasonic or Olympus releasing a rectilinear ultrawide prime, so picked up the Laowa when it was released. Bought online out of China or Hong Kong, before it was released in my country. That's how keen I was for one. Anyway, fabulous little lens. Plenty...
  11. L

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Panasonic Leica 9mm f/1.7 Summilux

    No thread for this lens yet. I'll see what I can do. Beautiful little lens. Light, compact, plenty sharp, lovely colours & contrast, & very reasonably priced. Really liking mine. Haven't used it a great amount as yet, as Spring/Summer roll around, it will get plenty
  12. comment23

    Micro 4/3 Showcase OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO 8-25mm f/4 PRO

  13. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony My autofocus situation (looking for a solution)

    Hello, as I gather experience from my time with my Sony a7R II, I am slowly learning its quirks and limitations. At first, I was very impressed with the AF performance of the camera but as I use it in more varied situations and with different lenses the experience is getting more "colourful". I...
  14. Brownie

    Sony Another aftermarket battery thread

    It seems there's a new trend by manufacturers to save themselves $0.50 on a $2,000 camera by not including a charger. People weren't happy when the A7-IV was released without one, and it led to the normal discussions about whether to get a Sony or aftermarket for those who don't want to charge...
  15. M

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.2 PRO

    This lens doesn't seem to have a showcase yet, so I'm creating one. The Olympus 45/1.2 is extremely well-regarded for posed portraiture, but since I don't really do that genre, here's some street musicians instead. To start, here is an erhu (a traditional Chinese bowed string instrument) player...
  16. Brownie

    Sony Anyone using the Samyang 12/2 APS-C?

    My son's taking a college photography class. He's never really shown an interest in photography before so he has no camera. I'm loaning him my A6000 and the only APS-C lens I have, the little 18-55 kit lens. With all of this sudden exposure (seewhatIdidthere?) to other people's images he's has...
  17. AndyH44

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus 14-150 f4-5.6 II ED Lens

    Hume Lake from Panoramic Point, King's Canyon N.P.
  18. The Electric Squirrel

    Sony Showcase Tamron 28-200 f/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD FE-mount showcase

    I remember back when superzooms were just for convenience, not image quality. Heck, zooms in general were compromising greatly on IQ back in the days of the film era, even in the very end of it. So now that I've used this Tamron 28-200 superzoom for Sony FE-mount for a while, I'm still quite...
  19. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony Tamron 150-500mm f 5-6.7 FE (My first month, lots of reading)

    My first month with the Tamron 150-500mm f 5-6.7 Di III VXD VC in Sony FE mount (in case Tamron decides to bring it in other mounts in the future) was very intriguing. After some intense internal debate, this lens won the fight between Tamron 70-300mm f 4.5-6.3 Di III RXD (for budget reasons)...
  20. drd1135

    Sony A7C vs. A7 iv

    I'm looking at getting a more modern Sony body, mostly for better handling and speed, especially tracking and C-AF. The A7C would be a cheaper alternative and the AF appears to be great, but the A7 iv is a tempting commination of upgrades and a few extra MP doesn't hurt. Any opinions on this?
  21. Brownie

    Sony Stupid mistake

    In early spring when I was first able to get out and play with my new A7 IV, things were fairly limited to backyard and around the neighborhood. I played some with the programmable button on the 200-600 and changed it to APS-C, and since I never use the button for focus hold (or anything else...
  22. Tili

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 25mm f/0.95

    I could not find a showcase for this one, so made one. All at f0.95 or slightly bumped the aperture ring to f1.1 ish. Went to my hometown for a small trip. I think the lens really fit the vibe there.
  23. K

    Sony First post - I like what I see here….

    First visit and post on the Cameraderie forums…a6600 w/24-240
  24. Brownie

    Sony Minolta 80-200/2.8 APO HS G

    I'm really loving this lens so far. It's not a FL I usually shoot, so I didn't want to spend $2k+ on one of the new Sony offerings. The only reason I got it was in case I get stuck out at the track at dark and needed something fast. This lens was the main reason for deciding to go ahead with the...
  25. lucien

    Sony Sony Slt camera series

    Hi, I recently purchased a Sony SLT65, the menu couldn't be changed from Japanese. Returned it and got a full refund. There is 1 issue that bother's me about that camera though. Is it possible to disable the shutter from focusing at all. I just want to use the shutter to take the picture...
  26. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Showcase Sony 2.8/90 MACRO G OSS

    Thought I'd start a showcase for this lens.
  27. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony Sony FE 50mm f 1.8

    This is my very first experience with my brand new Sony FE 50mm f 1.8. It was not my first or second choice as a lens, but I had the chance to buy it without affecting me financially right now (finally was in stock on Argos with 6 months pay later interest-free). I picked it up yesterday from...
  28. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony Showcase Sony FE 3.5-5.6/28-70

    Yeah, the 'kit' lens that doesn't get much love it seems. I guess I'm easy to please.
  29. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony Samyang AF 35mm f 2.8

    My first (and currently only) AF lens for Sony FE. I bought it because its one of the cheapest lenses you can buy so it wouldn't be an expensive waste if I don't like it. After just a few days of using it I absolutely love this lens. I don't think I ever been a fan of nifty fifties but this...
  30. Brownie

    Sony Another Minolta A-Mount beauty, 500/8 AF Reflex

    After all the shipping nonsense, this was worth the wait. Using it on the A7 IV with the LA-EA5, autofocus works well and much faster than expected. It is limited to the center focus area, but for this lens that's fine. The camera recognizes the lens and reports f/8. I did some shooting in M and...
  31. AlwaysOnAuto

    Sony A historic photo in the annals of my shooting...

    as a Grandpa. They ALL were looking at the camera at the same instant!
  32. Simonix

    Micro 4/3 Showcase OM System 40-150mm f4 Pro

    Couldn’t see a showcase thread for this new lens from OMDS, so thought I’d start one. Got my copy this morning. Can’t believe how small this thing is. Goes well on the Pen F as well as the larger EM1. Handles very well, and appears to be nice and sharp. A couple of quick and dirty snaps of my...
  33. Lawrence A.

    Sony Sony Repair

    My Sony a7II seems to have bit the dust. I get the dreaded "Camera Error Turn off camera and power on", which does precisely nothing. I think it is the sensor cleaner mechanism, since if, after repeated restarts and repeated little moves to the sensor cleaner mode, the sensor will not shake when...
  34. agentlossing

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus E-M5 Mark II

    Maybe this is a little too late for a camera that's almost seven years old, but I see several people still shooting with one, so why not add photos to a showcase thread? I was out shooting today in the natural JPEG mode, with auto WB and the TTartisans 23/1.4, which renders images quite warm...
  35. lucien

    Sony A65

    Hi, I'm in trouble with a camera I bought on Ebay. I don't think the seller mentioned it was for the domestic market aka asian/japan only. There is a program I tried pmca gui. It can convert the menu into 35 languages, but it's limited to certain models. Long story short, I like the camera...
  36. Brownie

    Sony LA-EA5 on A7 IV

    Finally got the adapter to use my Maxxum lenses on the 7 IV. Had only a short time to test as the light faded tonight. Tried out a 50/1.7, 70-210 and 75-300. It works very well, probably better than on an original Maxxum body. AF is much snappier than I expected, and yes, tracking works as...
  37. Ad Dieleman

    Sony Showcase Sony FE 28-60mm 1:4-5.6

    Bought this lens a few hours ago and here are a few samples from a street shoot on the way back home, stopping by in the city center which is my usual hunting ground. Someone's not happy with me snapping :) Tiny crop. Lens holding up quite well.
  38. christilou

    Sony Sony A7IV v Sony A7RIV ..... or A9

    Thinking about getting either the Sony A7IV or A7RIV. I had the A9 and the A7RIII. Nothing wrong with the A9 but I missed the extra pixels sometimes. Seems to be no happy medium at the moment. 33 or 60! It's primarily for getting eye focus on our 4 year old granddaughter but would also be...
  39. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony It's here, Sony a7R II

    Just arrived and despite my antidepressants and anti anxiety medication I am starting to get excited. Right now it is my only camera I have and will probably have for the news few years. Bought it off MPB used and 5 extra batteries as they are only 20 £ each (on average) and even at half life...
  40. theoldsmithy

    Micro 4/3 Showcase TTartisan 40mm f2.8 macro

    I got this lens a few days ago. With the Panasonic GX80... And with the Olympus E-M1
  41. DeeJayK

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus Air A01

    Picked this little thing up on a lark. It's a fun little option that lends itself to creativity. If anyone else has (had) one, please feel free to share your images. - K
  42. AndyH44

    Micro 4/3 Showcase Olympus M.Zuiko 100-400 f5.0-6.3

    Thought I'd try renting to see if I might want one for myself. Initial response is too large and heavy for my needs, but very good overall performance when mounted on my E-M5 Mk III. All Handheld SOOC Bird was moving (cropped)
  43. Brownie

    Sony Where can I get a ready case (Ever-Ready) for my Sony?

    I'd prefer padded nylon, can't really find anything except for the A6XXX series and those are leather. I found some cheap pouches that you have to remove entirely to use the camera, not a first choice.
  44. L0n3Gr3yW0lf

    Sony The 35mm FF experiment for Vintage lenses

    Heuou, again, I have been itching to retry my experiment with 35mm FF. Last year I bought (well more of traded in for) a Sony a7C as a one stop shop for family and portraits and a way to dip my toes in adapting vintage lenses (I love shooting with manual focus and I love interesting and...
  45. OldRadioGuy

    Panasonic Lumix G 12mm f1.4

    Panasonic obviously didn't make any money on this early-entry prime in MFT, but I prefer it over the smaller and much lighter Oly 12mm.
  46. Brownie

    Sony Darktable 3.8.1 released, support for A7 IV and some Tamrons

    Darktable release 3.8.1 Feb 11, 2022 adds full support for A7 IV, Tamron 17-28, and Tamron 28-200. Download links for Windows or MAC in the link below, Linux and other info is there as well. Darktable 3.8.1
  47. Jock Elliott

    Sony RX10 Panoramas

    Found some images on my RX10 MkIV that intended to put together as a panorama. Used ICE to pull them together Here's the original: Processed with Luminar: Processed with Picassa: Processed with DXO (me); Processed with DXO single-shot HDR preset: Cheers, Jock
  48. Brownie

    Sony Sony's presence at the Winter Olympics

    Pretty impressive. I recall seeing something akin to this from the (delayed) summer games last year. Scroll to the bottom of the article and check out the author's Olympics kit. :hail: Click on the photo for an enlarged view and a list. 😮
  49. Brownie

    Sony LA-EA5, is there any point?

    When I first considered getting into Sony E mount I was dead set on getting the correct LA adapter for whichever camera I ended up with. The reason for this was pretty straight forward, to limit initial cost on a new system. A few years ago I had started picking up old Minolta Maxxum glass...
  50. davidzvi

    Micro 4/3 Showcase OM SYSTEM M.Zuiko Digital ED 20mm f/1.4 PRO

    @MoonMind I only have the PL25 vI and not the vII but...... Dang it's I like it. I haven't had that much time to play with it yet, I should this weekend.