1. mnhoj

    Completed For Sale: SOLD***Fujifilm X-T5 silver | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Classifieds Type For Sale Price (see description) Item Fujifilm X-T5 silver My Location USA Picture File(s) attached Description SOLD***Excellent condition. Includes box, charger cables, new strap, OEM battery, paperwork and body caps. Receipt dated 11-22-22 with the name CASH. Body shows...
  2. agentlossing

    Ricoh New GRIII "Diary Edition" Brings Silver Camera and New Negative Film Mode (Google/Bing etc. translate the page well) There's a little more info now on the China-special limited edition (which sounds like it will make its way to other markets). Personally I think it's a very handsome camera...
  3. Acraftman

    Advice Wanted Looking for Silver efex

    I have the free nik software kit on my laptop and recently bought a desk top both are Mac products. I enjoy using silver efex and am trying to find if it is still available for free. I have seen older youtube vid and the location they show where to find it is no longer accessible or DXO has...
  4. drd1135

    Silver Machine in Isolation

    As I have mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Here is a YouTube video of them dealing with the Covid isolation. It made me laugh and feel happy, as they always do.
  5. Silver Light

    Silver Light

  6. Grez hallway

    Grez hallway

  7. SIJ - Day Five

    SIJ - Day Five

    Tourist all look the same in Downtown Miami, here's a typical man. Shorts, messenger bag, sandals, its paradise down here most of the time.