1. theoldsmithy

    Feedback Opening larger size images - Chrome issue?

    If I click on an image in a thread (click? tap? press? whatever the correct term is anyway), I only see the top half of the image. Occasionally rotating the screen to portrait and back to landscape fixes it, but mostly not. I’m using Chrome on iPad OS 13.6. Update - the problem is only on...
  2. Bobby Tingle

    Fuji 50mm 1.0 size comparison

    So far it’s not too huge to keep me from wanting. The price tag may be though.
  3. Kevin

    Is there something like a lightbox but with a ruler to indicate size?

    OK, I'm not 100% sure of the terminology I'd want to use to describe what I'm envisioning in my head so here it goes.... Is there a portable lightbox or similar setup that could include a nice looking 'ruler' or other size indicator to show the size of the item being photographed? Thinking of...
  4. E-P3 versus Canon Powershot A460

    E-P3 versus Canon Powershot A460

    Yes, the E-P3 is small, but not riduculously so and the kit zoom is nicely balances the body.
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